How to teach effectively using practical ideas

How to teach effectively using practical ideas

Education is of prime concern and since ancient times, education has had its own identity and due recognition in the society.

 The status of an individual is determined on the basis of his education. Various great and immeasurable achievements have been made in all fields as a result of education. In this regard, the valuable contributions of various scholars, eminent jurists, professors, scientists and philosophers have witnessed the value of education.

Various changes have taken place in the field of education through reforms. Reforms take place through awareness, which in turn, is connected to knowledge. Knowledge is empowered through education. Hence education attains paramount consideration in society. Therefore the role and responsibility of a teacher towards the society is vital.

The ignorance of a person can be removed only by a guru and his effective teachings will have the impact of converting a crystal stone into a refined and polished one with a definite shape. The development and progress of a nation depends on its literacy rate. The hurdles of a society can be eliminated completely through education.

In view of the above, to enlighten the minds of students, a teacher must follow certain methods because teaching is an art combined with an ability to impart wide knowledge what one has possessed through his or her continued efforts. It is an excellent skill of a teacher to deliver his teachings to the benefit of student community. 

To acquire teaching skills, one must need enormous thirst towards absorption of knowledge in all arenas which one is concerned with. Teaching notions are generally referred to as ideas of teaching which are very much required for any teacher in achieving success in their profession. 

As we all are well aware, “teaching is a noble profession,” therefore, the role of a teacher in moulding the character of a student to give a concrete shape is very crucial. In this direction primarily, the teacher must follow certain aspects, like:

n Punctualityn Thorough knowledge of the subjectn Command over the subject mattern Body language and fluencyn Delivering skillsn Clarityn Complete dedicationn Prioritising  the actual conceptn Gathering information from various sourcesn Relying on prescribed textbooks of n Ensuring the attention of studentsn Avoiding interruption during the course of lecture

In order to reach students, all the aforesaid techniques must be adopted to make teaching effective. Apart from teaching techniques, a teacher must also possess patience and perseverance. Teachers should play a vital role in preparing students to face emerging challenges of the world thereby directing the right path to reach the perfect platform. A teacher is also a guiding force from whom learning process starts and continues without any end. 

A teacher must possess interpretation skills as well as vast knowledge in all subjects which he or she is dealing with. There should be certainty and clarity in each and every concept of the subject matter. Alertness about the observation of students and ensure that all pupils in the classroom are attentive and then proceed with further information. Continuity in teaching also ensures the eminence of a teacher so that students will also have interest towards the class and thereby listen and understand concepts clearly. 

Though in the present scenario there are other alternative modes of teaching that have stretched their wings to spread knowledge, there is no substitute for a teacher. Strictly speaking, teaching is a traditional technique which carries great weightage. As the society has undergone various changes, the methods of teaching have also changed to meet the needs of society.

 Further a teacher is one who indiscriminately imparts knowledge to students for their better future. The bright future of a healthy society is also based on the role of teachers as they are the role models for the student community.

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