A delicious banana cake for your pet

A delicious banana cake for your pet


A delicious banana cake for your pet

Pets are aware of what is happening around them,” says Nikki Kapoor informing that if you are busy preparing for Diwali then your pet might feel left out.

It is unhealthy to feed your pet with the same food that you eat and it is difficult to enjoy all the festive food without sharing with your pet. Do not let the dilemma kill your happiness and opt for food that is customised for your dog.

It is difficult to imagine a Banana Cinnamon Cake, baked specially for a dog, while ensuring that it doesn’t have excessive sugar which is harmful for the pet. 

Kapoor says, “I lost four pets last year because they became overweight due to unhealthy food available readily in shops in India. When I went out to order a cake for their birthdays, I couldn’t find anything and had to go for pineapple flavour without sugar. But even that wasn’t of much help.
With time I realised that it is important if I prepare food for my pets myself.” She thus launched her venture Bark On Gourmet Doggie Barkery which is now gaining popularity with the Banana Cinnamon, Apple Peanut Butter and Red Velvet cakes that she prepares for the furry beings. 

“We basically replace all the unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives. Sugar is not good for dogs, so we use honey. For nibbles, we use human ingredients such as brown rice, lentils, chicken, multi-grain flour and add rosemary extracts and cinnamon which increases the shelf life of the edibles. Also, we ensure that we don’t use any preservatives.” 

Surprisingly, “each dog has an individual taste,” informs Kapoor, adding that even if a dog has a certain allergy or an ailment, the same is kept in mind while preparing the food. And here is the intersting bit – whatever is prepared by her for the pets is edible for humans too!

“I actually make a separate batch of Pepper Crunchy Oat Cookies for myself since they are not just healthy but tasty too,” she adds. What could be a better way to enjoy Diwali than making your furry friend feel like a part of your family? Order a special cake or cookies for your dog since “It’s time we go back to nature”.