Vietnam calling

Vietnam calling

Traditional taste

Who wouldn’t love a meal that consists of fresh ingredients, is healthy and not only looks great but tastes fantastic? Bangalore’s foodies now have one more fabulous option for authentic Vietnamese cuisine at ‘Hanoi’, which is located inPhoenix MarketCity. 

Vietnamese cuisine is known for its specific characteristics: harmonious, diverse, low-in-fat and flavours with a combination of many kinds of spices to subtly enhance the taste of the dish.

The cuisine offers a combination of the ‘ngu vi’ (the five basic taste elements), with flavours that represent one or more of the elements. The main ingredients used in Vietnamese cuisine are rice and its derivatives, fish sauce, seafood, meats and vegetables. These are delicately balanced with the Vietnamese touch of lemongrass, ginger, mint, Saigon cinnamon and more. At Hanoi, one can indulge in a traditional and innovative Vietnamese menu. 

There are soups like ‘sup tom bi do - pumpkin prawn cream soup’, ‘sup chua ngot - sweet and sour soup’ and ‘sup ga - chicken meat ball soup’. And delicious salads like ‘goi xoai xanh - green mango salad’, ‘nom ga hoa chuoi - chicken and banana blossom salad’ and ‘nom ga bap cai - chicken with cabbage and mint salad’. 

Starters like ‘betel nut wraps’, vietnamese crepes’ and ‘chicken cooked in ginger and caramel’ can found on the menu.  The main course includes dishes like ‘bun bo - rice vermicelli with grilled meats’, ‘Vietnamese lamb gravy’, ‘lau nong - a hot pot that serves’, Vietnamese lemongrass curry and baguette sandwich.

 For dessert, one can choose between dishes like Vietnamese homemade ice cream, banana fritters, ‘che thai - Vietnamese tropical fruit sweet’ and creme caramel.  ‘Hanoi’ is open from 12 pm to 11.30 pm, and is located on Level 1, F69, Phoenix MarketCity, Mahadevapura, Whitefield Road. For reservations, call 9880544884 or 67266553.