Robbers stab bakery workers for Rs 100

Two unidentified men stabbed two bakery employees and robbed them of Rs 100 in Banaswadi on Monday night.

Manje Gowda (26) and his friends Mohammed Yusuf and Vinod, who all work in a bakery, where walking back home from work. Along the way, they were eating ice cream. Around 11.30 pm, two unidentified men on a two-wheeler waylaid them, demanding that they part with the ice cream. But the three friends did some tough talking.

The robbers then brandished a knife and demanded Rs 200 in cash. The frightened victims gave them Rs 100 but the unhappy robbers stabbed Gowda and Yusuf, and ran away. Vinod took his two friends to a hospital and called the police.

Gold, silver articles seized

The Chandra Layout police arrested two persons—Raja alias Mori Raja, 40, and Penchal Reddy—and recovered 1.3 kg of gold and seven kg of silver jewellery from them.
The duo’s arrest helped solve 29 burglary cases registered at various police station across the City.

Raja used to recce and target locked houses, and make away with valuables and cash. Later he used to hand them over to Reddy, who used to pawn the valuables at jewel shops. Raja and his wife were leading a lavish in Tirupati and owned a car, police said.
Based on a tip-off,  the police laid a trap with the help of Reddy and arrested Raja from Tirupati.

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