Sewage contaminates Ulsoor lake as wall collapses

Sewage contaminates Ulsoor  lake as wall collapses

The septic tank bund in Ulsoor lake has tumbled down due to heavy rains, contaminating the water body and emanating a foul smell, residents and regular walkers at the park claim.

Residents say that the concrete wall separating sewage and lake water collapsed a week ago. “Now, the whole lake has turned into a septic tank and we fear the entire water body is contaminated,” a resident said.

Residents said they met the BBMP engineers on November 3 to discuss the issue. “BBMP officials did not have answers to our questions. Had they taken precautions and built the bund strongly, this would not have happened. Now, they not only have to shell out money to reconstruct the bund, but also to clean the water body,” the residents said.

The septic tank bund is located adjacent to the immersion tank. “The lake is in a bad state and foul smell is emanating because of which we are unable to go for walks,” rued Shetty, a senior citizen.

While the BBMP claims that it had reconstructed the structure, residents allege that the Palike only increased the height of the bund as the dirty water from the septic tank was overflowing into the other end of the lake. They also added that when the Palike was executing work, water would leak from underneath the structure.

Contractor and lake supervisor Babu maintained that the septic tank bund was seven feet high. A BBMP official, who did not wish to be named, told Deccan Herald:

“We had spent a total of Rs 7.5 lakh for reconstructing the structure. Due to water pressure, the bund has collapsed. We will rebuild it once we prepare a detailed plan.” The immersion tank is also dirty due to the idols that were dumped into it during Ganesh Chaturthi. Workers deputed at the immersion point said that it would take another month to clear all the idols and pump out the dirty water from the tank.

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