An enriching cakewalk!

An enriching cakewalk!

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An enriching cakewalk!

Be it exchanging gifts, decorating trees, sharing a meal with family and friends or waiting for Santa Claus to arrive — Christmas fervour is slowly spreading in the City. 

Echoing the spirit of the season was the cake-mixing event that was held at the poolside, ITC Windsor recently. 

The who’s who of the City were invited for the event  and enthusiastically took part in the ceremony. 

Huge trays filled with fruits, raisins, black currants, candied peel and cherries were laid out, ready to be mixed. Dried cranberries, maple syrup, dried apricots, breakfast sugar, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, cloves, rum, Champagne, red wine, orange juice, whisky and lemon juice were some of the other ingredients added to the mix.  

Talking about the mixing process, executive chef Uchit Vohra said, “Once the ingredients are mixed, we put it into big barrels.

It is stacked away for a month before it is opened again.

We start making the cakes using the mix by first week of December and Christmas cakes are for consumption by the second week of December.” 

He stated that not all the ingredients are used at once.

“The more it soaks in the barrels, the richer is the taste. There are times when we have used the ingredients not only during Christmas but much later as well. It makes the cake richer in taste and texture,” he adds.