'Death of 24 infants no big deal'

'Death of 24 infants no big deal'

For Uttar Pradesh government doctors’, the death of two dozen newborns of hypoxia at a government hospital in a month is not a ‘big figure’.

In a display of ‘insensitivity’, a senior doctor at a government hospital in Moradabad town, about 350 kilometres from here, said 24 deaths of hypoxia at the neonatal ward in a month was no ‘big deal’ given the fact that a large number of births take place there every day.

“I do not think this figure is that much. It is quite normal. Women from many nearby districts also come here for delivery,” said Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Vandana Srivastava on Tuesday.

Reaction to reports
The CMS was reacting to the reported deaths of two dozen infants at the hospital in the last one month.

Hypoxia is a condition in which the body is deprived of adequate supply of oxygen, and premature babies can be at risk.

This is because the lungs of a foetus are among the last organs to develop during pregnancy.

Srivastava said there was no ventilator facility at the hospital.

“If we have ventilators, we may be able to save lives of some infants,” she added.

“Currently, we have to send such infants to other hospitals for treatment. That results in wastage of precious time,” Srivastava pointed out.

The CMS said ventilator facility was not available at any government hospital at division level.

 “We will require trained staff and equipment for such facility,” she said.

BJP has sharply criticised the remarks saying this reflects the state of affairs at government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh.