Stereotypes are changing

Stereotypes are changing

Over time, the roles of men have been changing. Gender stereotypes are vanishing. The androgynous male has arrived and men are no longer ridiculed for showing their softer side.

With an increasing number of women working in various fields, men now fall in the same league as women, be it sharing the work at home or changing nappies.

They are as much an active participant in a child’s upbringing as their spouses. On the occasion of ‘International Men’s Day’, celebrities have much to say about the changing role of men in society.

Raghu Mukerjee, Kannada actor: “As for me, I don’t mind taking directions from a woman director, for instance. No relationship whether in a marriage, between lovers or friends, will work if it is one-sided. There has to be mutual respect. I think the Indian male has become more sensitive, open and friendly. Earlier, nobody would stand before the master of the house but today you find the same man spending quality time with his family."

Ganesh, Kannada actor: “I don’t think men are any superior to women. Both have equal roles to play and it isn’t fair to differentiate between the two. I feel men are more
accommodating and tolerant towards women.

"For instance, I’ve always encouraged my wife Shilpa to go out and explore the world and not remain just a housewife. Her opinion matters to me more than mine. Today, women are treated with a lot of respect and are on par with men.”

Vishnu Manchu, Telugu actor: “These days, men are more involved in sharing
domestic work than ever before. With mothers working in different arenas outside home, fathers are taking care of children. Both are making an equal contribution in raising the family. It’s no more the woman who has to slog it out now.” 

Sonu Sood, Bollywood actor: “I feel men are as sensitive as women although they are always projected to be strong. But everybody has emotions irrespective of whether they are men or women. I strongly feel that there are certain circumstances that can make anyone emotional. This is the truth and slowly, Indians are accepting this.”

Aditya Singh, Kannada actor: “Men must be men and that’s why I don’t believe in the concept of the metrosexual male. I also feel that marriage is a dying institution and that’s why a lot of people choose to remain unmarried today. Even those who date for eight years or more, get married and get divorced within a year or two. As a man, I would like to keep things simple and uncomplicated.”

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