Get weather updates on NDMC buildings

Get weather updates on NDMC buildings

 The New Delhi Municipal Council is planning to install display panels on walls of some buildings in the council area.

The electronic display panels which will be mostly installed in identified tall buildings will monitor the pollution level in the area. It will also display the weather conditions of the day.

Along with the weather and pollution updates, the display boards will also showcase ongoing cultural events, if any, of the day.

“We are currently working on the technology in which buildings can have electronic panels to display weather conditions and monitor pollution in the given area. These will also have added information on the cultural events to give rounded information to the public,” said O P Mishra, Director, Project Department, NDMC.

Connaught Place will be the first in the council area to have buildings with information panels. However, the project in this area will be outsourced.

“Connaught Place has been identified as an area in which the project will be outsourced for an agency to install the electronic display boards in buildings. Since we cannot install panels on private buildings, we have identified NDMC buildings which will sport these panels,” said Jalaj Shrivastava, Chairperson, NDMC. All the panels will also have advertisements.

The project is a part of the NDMC’s vision of a smart city. The council is planning to take up the project at the implementational level at the beginning of the next year. “Currently, it is at the conceptualisation stage,” said an NDMC member.

However, the council is sceptical if Delhi Police will allow electronic panels in tall buildings in the arterial roads.

“May be, we have to settle for buildings in non-arterial roads,” said the member.