'If BJP wins polls, city will get back the unified MCD'

'If BJP wins polls, city will get back the unified MCD'

If the Bharatiya Janata Party comes to power in Delhi, its councillors in municipal corporations will push to roll back the trifurcation of the MCD, said North Corporation Mayor Yogender Chandolia on Thursday.

“All the corporations are running in losses. If they are united, like they were before, the problem of lack of funds can be tackled to some extent,” Chandolia told Deccan Herald.
On whether it would be easier to roll back the trifurcation of the MCD if the BJP wins the Assembly elections, the North Delhi Mayor said, “The Bharatiya Janata Party is in the Centre and if it wins Delhi polls, then I don’t think there should be a problem. I have demanded to roll back the trifurcation of MCD earlier also, and I am saying it now that the unified MCD is the need of the hour.”

“It was more efficient than today’s three different municipal corporations,” Chandolia added.

Senior officials of other civic agencies echoed similar views.
“The erstwhile corporation was more effective in carrying out development work. For one, there was better coordination among officials, and second, any policy or decision didn’t have to be approved thrice,” said an official with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation.
“Now, for instance to implement new parking rates or to open the tender for toll tax, one must get approval of the three mayors,” the official added.

Multiplicity of the municipal corporations also hinders in their primary functions like execution of sanitation work.

“Earlier, if the Okhla landfill didn’t have space to dump waste, then one could automatically use Ghazipur landfill site. But today officials have to take permission from the other corporation to do so,” said a senior official of the East Corporation.

“It only slows the pace of work. So the trifurcation of the MCD has not yielded any good results for the development of the city,” the official added.