Estranged relations

Indeed, it’s a monumental task to comprehend the mechanisms or the mind-scrambling thought processes of the human mind.

It is this convoluted tangle and interplay of myriad thoughts/emotions that have made the interpersonal equations with others more complex in today’s modern world.

Little wonder then many human bonds get snapped within a trice, with irrevocable rifts revealing itself even in real cohesive relations. But what is more disconcerting is when you encounter those estranged relations, either through accidental or anticipated meets.

The estranged relation could be that of a former friend, lover, colleague or a relative. In these unsettling situations, we find ourselves being swamped by a surge of sundry emotions, which, at times, make us squirm and slink away from that place.

If some relations we encounter cause that lump in the throat and lurch in the heart; some encounters inundate us with unimpeded ire, especially of those execrable ex-neighbours, who unabashedly would have exploited us. And few other encounters, with its recrudescence effect, make those forgotten festering feelings to resurge again, ruffling our inner peace.

Well, there are certain pointers to remember while dealing with these estranged relations on meeting them. Like, say, you encounter that great buddy, who drifted apart after some misunderstanding.

Here, you can always sort out those discordant issues, squatting in an unobtrusive corner, shrouded in quietude. For all you know, it could be those masala-vending tattlers, who could have brought the rift between you both, by misapprehending, magnifying, morphing and misrepresenting something uttered by you.

Many times, the rents appear in relations because of sudden anger outbursts, too. Say, you have moved away from that short-fused relative, who is a veritable spit-fire brand.

But if you deem, discounting his despicable anger bouts he is a dazzling gem, who has always doled out dollops of emotional succour to you, then it’s really good to mend the fences.

After all, by sloughing off a whit of your ego, you rather stand to gain.
But if you have drifted apart from those irredeemable nettlesome folks, who always have this penchant to excoriate and make snide side-swipes, just to discomfit others, then on meeting them at parties, try marshalling your wits and mustering your spunk, to dispense an ounce of their own medicine, by hurling more vitriolic counterblasts at them, only to keep them at bay.

In case, you are unable to do it, then just shun them, the way you sidestep stamping on dog-turds! Don’t ever show you are affected or agitated. And, never deign to extend olive branch, too, as these non-entities are as worthless as dust motes.

Avoid confronting, too, since they aren’t even worth your hatred. So, even if you lose such a relation, it’s only a “Good riddance of bad rubbish.”

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