Bitten by wanderlust


Bitten by wanderlust

As people are busy looking back and bidding farewell to 2014, the City-based travel and trekking groups are geared up to welcome the New Year in style with bigger and better trips.    

‘Get Beyond Limits’, a popular trekking group in the City, is planning to take a night trek to Savandurga, Asia’s largest monolith, on December 31. The eclectic bunch of youngsters are united by their love for travel. The group is looking forward to this particular trek.

Ishan and Salwat, the founders of ‘Get Beyond Limits’, say, “Rather than partying the night and not having any memories of New Year’s eve, we have decided to spend our night with nature.” The group, which is known for conducting unique activities, during its trips has planned the hike in a way that they will be able to reach the top of the mountain and sit below the fleet of stars before 12 am.

Ishan says that Savandurga was chosen due to its convenient location and breathtaking view. “It’s neither too far nor too close to the City and hence makes for the perfect getaway,” he adds.

To unearth the unexplored, ‘Unventured’, a group that hits the roads on cycles, is celebrating the Christmas season and saying goodbye to 2014 by venturing into Hampi, savouring the picturesque scenery and connecting to the heritage.

Tejaswini, one of the founders, says that they will kick off the New Year through a cycle trail across five ninth century temples in the City, including Ragi Guda and Bull Temple. On January 3, ‘Unventured’ will explore the historicity of these temples which have stood the test of time.

‘F5 Escapes’, a travel group for women, is heading to the exotic beaches and white sands of the Andamans.
As this is their first trip in 2015, Aakanksha, one of the volunteers, says that January is the perfect time to visit the island due to the pleasant weather.
‘F5’ has a range of activities planned there such as water sports, a mini-trek and interactions with the locals.

Many youngsters in the City are pleased with the number of travel options that have cropped up for the season. Vignesh, an IT professional who was bitten by the travel bug this year, says that he explored a lot of new places in 2014 and hopes that he gets to travel even more in 2015. “Travel always makes one wiser and better. So I am looking forward to the New Year to go on trips that are on my bucketlist!”

There is no dearth of places to please wanderers as Ishan rightly puts it, “Bengaluru has some of the best spots around as it is surrounded by the Eastern and Western Ghats. The City has caves for the adventurous and for those who prefer to relax, the beaches aren’t that far away.”

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