'We had a blast'

'We had a blast'

Third idiot

'We had a blast'

Congenial and peppy but a tad reticent compared to his more forthcoming co-stars, Sharman Joshi does make a good third idiot.

“Working with Aamir again was a treat as he is a superb actor. We had a great time working in Rang De Basanti and in this film the chemistry continued from where we had left off,” he enthused after some prompting.

“Once in a while a special film like this comes your way and you are lucky if you are a part of it. After the release we were amazed at the number of hearts we touched and the way people responded to the film. It has been a deeply humbling experience,” he said.  Sharman played the part of  Raju Rastogi, a kid from a simple family.

Describing his role in the movie he said, “My character is  who are under a great deal of pressure to succeed academically and pull their family out of  poverty by getting a good degree and a good job. This is exactly the kind of  pressure many kids are under  and it generally prevents them from living their student life to the fullest.”

“My college days were pretty much a cycle of compulsory attendance and bunking classes. I relived many of those moments during the shooting of the film and it was like going back in time to those carefree student days. Living in the hostel at the picturesque IIM-B campus here in the City was an experience we will always remember with gratitude and pleasure and I feel that much of the film’s success came from the synergy generated there,” he said.

“Since we already got to know each other well during the filming of Rang De Basanti, it was a continuation of that easy chemistry. We had a blast  playing games, chilling out and chatting, going for walks and partying. In some ways it was a reunion of sorts,” Sharman reminisced.