Cops throw heavy security ring, but suburbs ring in 2015 in style

Cops throw heavy security ring, but suburbs ring in 2015 in style

Cops throw heavy security ring, but suburbs ring in 2015 in style

New Year revellers seemed to have given a miss to MG Road and Brigade Road this year, given the heightened vigil by the police. They moved to areas like Indiranagar and Koramangala to welcome 2015. But even these places were converted into virtual fortresses by the police who kept tabs over the celebrations.

At Indiranagar, revellers gathered on the streets and in pubs, even before the clock struck 10 pm. Sangha Priya Bose, one of the revellers, said that he came here to celebrate as the vigil on MG Road was high, in the wake of Sunday’s bomb blast on Church Street. “Many restaurants there are closed. This is the place where I can hang out now,” he said.

“I think we will go to Koramangala this year. Policemen are making announcements every now and then as if there is going to be a bomb blast.  My friend and I have decided to go to some party place in Koramangala,” said Raghu, who had planned celebrations on MG Road along with friends.

Some of the revellers who were seen on the streets later decided to go back home. “I think we are not partying this time. My parents are worried about safety,” said Rashmi and her friends. Major pubs and restaurants located on 80 Feet Road in Indiranagar were crowded.

A policeman who was patrolling the area said that Indiranagar had about 19 points identified for celebrations and the police had kept a vigil everywhere. He hoped that there will not be any untoward incident during the New Year celebrations. “We will do our best to ensure safety of the citizens,” he said.

At Koramangala, things were not much different with the police covering every nook and cranny, much to the chagrin of the revellers. However, malls in the City did quick business. Forum Mall had made elaborate security arrangements ever since the Church Street blast. Though most of the shops were closed by 10 pm, the movies and eateries were open till late night.

Many at the mall were seen taking selfies with the Christmas decorations. Bookings at the restaurants and eateries in Koramangala were full. The Jyoti Nivas College Road was a hot destination to taste various cuisines at one place for revellers.