Today's letters

Today's letters

Challenge for PC
 Sir, We have noticed on TV how on a foggy and ice-cold [Tues]day, leaders from eight parties from here,Andhra Pradesh, wrapped in wool, fumed and flexed their muscles before going into Home Minister P Chidambaram’s chambers for extracting their pound of flesh from the Telangana mess. But two hours later, the fire seems to have vanished and there was an icy cold response and, surprisingly, everyone spoke almost on the same lines ! For Mr Chidambaram too this must have been a challenge and an opportunity to prove his negotiating skills.
A separate Telangana is what the Naxalites want because it will give them ample opportunity to regroup when a new state is formed as the law and order machinery would be weak.

J. Akshay ,
c/o Ms.Padmini Raghavendra

 Reality of Telangana

Somehow, Mr.Chidambaram was able to conduct the proceedings of all party meeting on Telengana with reasonable success.Slowly, people are coming around to the reality on Telengana.However, still, lot has to be achieved and more so, the agitations in AP should stop to ensure peaceful normal life.    

AECS Layout 2nd stage
Near RMS, Sanjaynagar
Karnataka cricket team deserves praise

The Karnataka cricket team has been doing very well in this year's Ranji championship with a fine blend of youngsters and experienced ones like Rahul Dravid and the old horse Sunil Joshi.

Rahul Dravid with his fine knock of double hundred against the UP in the semifinal match has ensured a berth in the final for the Karnataka team in the Ranji tourney. Dravid utilised the excellent start given by the young Manish Pandey to score his double ton for the fifth time !.

It will be unfortunate for the Karnataka team to miss Dravid in the finals as he will be rendering services to the Indian Test team in Bangladesh.However the team should be in high spirits to make a claim for the trophy,with youngsters like A.Mithun,Vinay Kumar,Robin Uthappa and Manish Pande !.


Test cricket reborn

The unbelievably remarkable win of Australia over Pakistan in the second Test match at SCG stands out as the great advertisement to the Test cricket. Having bundled out for a paltry 127 runs in the first innings and trailing by nearly 200 runs, the Australians came back phoenix like to grab the win from a seemingly hopeless situation.

They have firmly established that they are the best in the business, no matter what the statistics say. They exhibited remarkable grit, resilience and their typical never- say- die attitude for which they have always been known. Kudos to their well deserved win. This is a great lesson for all those cynics who predict doomsday scenario for this longer version of cricket and a great moment of rebirth.

 H.R.Bapu Somasekhar

Prevention of cow slaughter

Mr Mumtaz Ali Khan, it seems has never seen villagers and the plight of farmers residing there .The cows which are dry and sterile become a burden on the farmers .They cannot nourish them spending daily 50 to 100 rupees on their fodder. They do not want to see them dying of starvation before their eyes . It needs thousand rupees to dispose off the carcasses. Thousands of such cows are sold away to the dallals in turn the dallals sell them to the butchers .The butchers slaughter them and the meat is purchased by Christians, Dalits and Muslims for consumption ,a cheap source of protien .

Unmindful of these ground realities the government cannot stop the practice going on since centuries together -for false satisfaction of passing the bill. Let Mr Mumtaz Ali Khan who desires to show loyalty to the Government as a so-called Muslim - take a tour of villages just 100 Kms away from Bangalore and find out the situation faced by the poor farmers. He will later join the group of people who are opposing the bill.

 Dr AH Maqdoomi (veterinarian )

Stop inhuman trafficking

It is very disturbing to know that Indian workers are traded in the Gulf like cattle & our embassies there are doing nothing to safeguard the interest of our citizens who seem to be getting treated no better than commodities.  It is equally strange that our Ministry of External Affairs either has no clue as to how our people are facing sheer disgrace abroad or is so devoid of pride that it is afraid to tackle the rich countries.

We are in the enlightened 21st century & the countries concerned must be made to realise that they are doing no charity by employing our people who have gone there for an honest & decent living.  This inhuman trafficking in humans must stop forthwith.

Poda De
Brigade Residency,
IRTC package disappoints

Recently I undertook Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s  (IRTC) package tour along with my family to Allepy-Kumarkon-Kochi sector in Kerala but all of us were disappointed.

It seems this Government organization has contracted the job to  small time private operators who did not know where to take us from the moment we reached Alleppey. The tour operator at Eranakulam followed his own itinerary and blamed Chennai IRTC officials for the confusion. Alleppey sightseeing and beach, visit to coir factory etc were completely skipped. These are shown on IRTC website and were included in the program given to us by IRTC Office at Chennai.
One full day was kept for shopping at Kochi while the website showed "half a day shopping'.

There was no guide service, a driver would drop us at various points. He could not speak English or Hindi. Though parking fee was included in the package the driver was not clear about it. Every time I had to call Chennai or Ernakulam IRTC.  We feel that IRTC wasted our precious holidays besides fleecing our hard earned money.  People interested in IRTC tour packages need to be more careful, cross check and compare the cost with other tour packages available in market.

Gopal Sutar
Deputy General Manager (Corporate Communications/PR)
ITI Limited, ITI Bhawan
Bangalore 560 016

Negative impact
The relationship between society and cinema being one of symbiotic nature the one influencing the other is but natural . In perspective good number of cinema's horror incidents like murder , rape ,  robbery , theft , indiscipline and other forms of crime meant to create sensation have been mimicked in real life situations by many miscreants to subserve their evil designs .

The prime objective of cinema is to depict the sane and civilised social living to be of salubrious effect on the community at large and not to focus on scens like ragging  having negative social impact the good intent of cinema behind such portrayal notwithstanding. It is time censorship was applied to all films carrying scenes with the potential of fomenting social unrest .

Venkatesh   N   Muttur
 Mayuri  Estate  Hubli

Meaningless strikes

President Obama has said that the US will not rest until those behind the recent attempted bomb attack on board by the African youth on a US airplane on Christmas Day are caught. This is the US response to an Al Qaeda attempted terror attack. While President Obama has no similar words of disciplining his forces or even for commisseration for 12 killed in a US missile strike at around the same time in Afghanistan of which 8 were children.
These kind of events keep happening all the time where innocent civilians get killed and the US takes no action to stop these incidents. Thus the Al Qaeda and the Muslim world believe that their desire to seek revenge is as strong as Obama's and their means are like the bomb strike attempted on the airline.
 This meaningless strike and counter-strike will continue as it has been for over 8 years now in Afghanistan and 6 years in Iraq with sporadic incidents spreading the same violence around the world.  There is therefore a need at this juncture to eschew violence and only then peace can follow or be given a chance to follow. And in this matter the US have to take the lead with their Nobel Peace prize winning President Barrack Obama in the vanguard.

S Kamat AG 2,
Sabnis Palace Alto Betim,
Bardez Goa 403 521,

MEA is going soft

This is with reference to the recent racial attacks which took place  involving an Indian who succumbed to fatal injuries.
It is no surprise the MEA at the Centre is going soft on these unwarranted attacks and Australian govt on the other end too is going soft  thus ensuring minimum or no justice at all  to the culprits.
One (read an Indian) fails to understand why Mr. Krishna has time to spare to Mr Tharoor and comment on his tweet rather than taking stern action against Australian govt.
The whole media was filled with comments by Krishna on his counterpart in Mos.Why strict warning and action against culprits, which are the need of the hour, are not taken?

If Mr,Tharoor has some time to tweet on Visa regulation and Cattle Class travel, which are unnecessary for the Nation, can he spare some time and tweet on his blog  to take action against Australian Govt? Why is he silent on these issues?

On the contrary if any foreign individual is involved in any kind of attack in India, it is no surprise that the whole nation follows up the issue 24hours 7 days a week until a minister is compelled to take action ‘immediately’ against the culprit but not otherwise to an Indian who undergoes same kind of ordeal in any foreign country.

It is high time that the people at the Centre take responsibility and act strictly against Australian govt to pressurize them to bring the culprits to the book and not indulge in any  kind of petty politics which any common man is not bothered.

Varun Dambal
Nagarbhavi Second Phase

Flaws in the entire system

After clearly failing to perform their duty at the appropriate time,  the Haryana government has lodged a new case against former DGP SPS Rathore under the Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for abetment of suicide of Ruchika, who committed suicide almost two decades ago after being molested by Rathore when she was only 14.  
The fresh criminal charge against the retired top cop may appear as a necessary move by the government to deliver justice to a corrupt and influential sexual predator.  But there can be little doubt that this is a desperate attempt to repair the tarnished image of the prosecution and cover up the previous failures of the government rather than to deliver equitable justice to Rathore.  Although the Indian legal jurisprudence may permit initiation of a new criminal case after the lapse of almost two decades, without other compelling grounds or new valid evidence, there is little hope for successful prosecution of Rathore on the new charge at this stage.

The first trial and judgment for Rathore took almost two decades. One cannot be blamed now if some evidences have been misplaced and/or lost in the course of this long period.  Witnesses are also likely to have a faded memory about the actual incidence. Even if “double jeopardy” is not an issue in its strict legal sense in this matter, there can be little argument that the new FIR against Rathore for abetment to suicide was due to the failure of the previous prosecution as well as outside public pressure and not because of new incriminating evidence discovered recently.  All these points are on Rathore’s side to build a strong defense to fight the new charge in the court.  And even if none of this matters, the new case could be dragged by Rathore for another two decades ...

 The role of the government, both at the local level in Haryana and by the central premier investigative agency (CBI), is equally loathsome in this case.  The entire justice delivery system was exploited by Rathore using his personal connection and sinister influence over a period of almost two long decades.  Exemplary prosecution of the corrupt individuals who aided Rathore avoid justice can only have an impact on the justice delivery system and help to restore public trust in the government.
Kunal Saha, MD, PhD
Professor, HIV/AIDS Research Center
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Ensure proper health

 It is unfortunate that hundreds of employees of garment industries had to be hospitalized on the eve of  New Year due to food poisoning or due to drinking contaminated water.

The state government should do some introspection on such mishaps, which could have been definitely prevented. It should appoint more food inspectors or it should outsource such work - fixing responsibility and accountability - to cope with the burgeoning metro population.

Funds should not be a constraint as even otherwise it spends crores of rupees on other projects, whether wanted or unwanted. There is no other important thing than better health and precious life.

B N Bharath
No 18, I
Main, 3rd Crass,
Maruti Extension,
Bengaluru 560 021

Political monk

Woang  Donghua consul-general of the people's republic of China on Sunday described the Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama as a "political monk".

This remark of Donghua is based on his limited knowledge of religion. Being an atheist the Chinese leader cannot understand the relation between religion and politics. The modern concept of religion is that the politics is the branch of religion. The religion should guide the men in walks of life including politics. It must be a complete code of life. Islam is the best example of Modern Religion. Prophet Mohammed (SAS) was not only a spiritual leader but also the head of the state. He enforced all the divine laws, sovereignty being in the hands of Allah. The followers of Islam including Prophet have to abide by the laws of Quran. I do not know about Buddhism. There is no harm if the Buddhist monk plays the role of a political leader and solves the political problems of Tibet. Atheism of Maoists is not less than a religion by itself.

 A H Maqdoomi

Hunger deaths: A shameful scenario

 Sir, Our learned Prime Minister made a statement from the ramparts of the Red Fort that 'he will not allow anyone in India to die of hunger' he repeated the same in the Parliament refering to the drought situation. After such statements,many of died of hunger and what is even worse,several poor people have died of cold in UP and Bihar. This is really shameful. The State Governments in these two states must be held responsible for such deaths. Of what use is it to distribute blankets to the people after several people have died? With such appalling conditions,it is an irony to find a Governor living in a bunglow with acres of gardens,etc..... In a poor Country like India,the post of the Governor must be abolished and the Raj Bhavans must be used to provide shelter to the poor during such cruel weather conditions. Instead of the Governor, the President could be represented by a Chief Executive in all the States. Moreover, Governors are not of any use to States when Chief Ministers are administering. Therefore, since it is well said that 'idle mind is a devil's workshop' N.D. Tiwari had to keep himself occupied by providing an outlet to his libido !

India got independence over 60 years ago.It is really shameful to hear of deaths due to cold,heat,hunger,etc...and some due to poverty.Perhaps, Dr.Manmohan Singh and Madam Sonia might be thinking that we are still better than Nigeria !!!

M V Nahusharaj
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
560 062