Prettier with a tassel twist

Prettier with a tassel twist

In the world of fashion, some styles are volatile, some are cyclic, some morph into more stylish variations, but some like the pretty poncho simply hold their ground. If you are not convinced, rent a DVD of the film, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and you’ll find yourself drooling over Clint Eastwood who wears a traditional Mexican poncho, flipped over his shoulder. A stylish poncho is an integral part of any smart dresser’s winter wardrobe. 

 A poncho is basically a square-shaped garment (usually made of wool), with a slit/hole bang in its centre, through which the head can pass through. You wear it in such a manner that your neck bisects the poncho diagonally, so as to shape the garment in two triangular parts. Now, how does one select the right poncho?

If comfort is key, shop for a tightly knit poncho. The bonus is that you can wear your favourite old tee under it and no one will get to see its scuffed edges!
If you want your poncho to make a personal style statement, chose a loosely-knit one with tassles and wear it over a clinging, full-sleeved pullover and a pair of slim-fit jeans. Your pullover could have a polo neck, turtle neck, boat neck, rolled neck, hooded neck, or it could be a fancy one with ruches n’ ruffles. Make sure your poncho adds pizzaz to your pullover. For instance, wear a white poncho on a jet black/ tomato red full-sleeved pullover. Or, combine a moss green or teal blue poncho with a white pullover.
Always choose slim-fit or boot-cut jeans with your pullover-poncho combo. Sequined or stamped jeans with quirky leather patches are also cool, and so are corduroys, cargos and cigarette pants. I’ve known girls team up ponchos  with tees and skirts too.
If you hate pullovers, choose a form-fitting, short-collared top/tee. A poncho is a good excuse to flaunt that naughty, peek-a-boo shirt/top you impulsively picked up but never dared to wear. 

A poncho on an evening gowns not only keeps you warm, it also looks rather charming. Try a crocheted gold poncho on a halter-neck raven-black/ cherry-red evening gown. Even sleeveless gowns with scooped necklines and plunging backs look stunning with some splendid ponchos.
Finally, remember since ponchos are elaborate they obviate the need for bling or heavy jewellery. A dainty bracelet, a smart pair of earrings, a couple of finger rings should be enough. We hope you hit the stores to find a fetching poncho that counters the nip in the air.

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