Pastas peppered with perfection

Pastas peppered with perfection

Pastas peppered with perfection

There is a sense of warmth when one enters Pasta Street. A combination of a restaurant and a cafe, the place offers a wide range of choices in Italian food.  You can sip a cup of tea or indulge in some luscious pasta while enjoying the ambience of the place. 

Foodies are spoilt for choice here as they can choose and create their own menu. They can make more than 100 different types of pastas along with the choice of sauce, pasta, vegetables and meat. Health-conscious people can indulge in some low-calorie and baked pasta to satiate their love for Italian food.  

Purandar Chaudhuri, the owner of the place, graduated in business management from the University of Buckingham-UK. He fell in love with pasta during his years at the university and always felt that with a few changes, Italian food suited the Indian palate. That’s how Pasta Street came into being. 

“In India, Italian food is served mainly in a fine-dine environment. I wanted to break away from it and create an informal and casual setting, more on the lines of the cafes you see in the West,” says Purandar. 

Spicy rocket sauce and lasagna ala Bolognese, marinated grilled chicken or paneer served on a hot bed of pasta salad are the favourites here. A range of thin crust Italian pizzas with artichokes, rucola and sundried tomatoes are also a big hit among customers. 

According to Purandar, the signature dishes here are spinach, parmesan and black pepper pasta which is a low-calorie pasta and pasta in red pepper cream sauce. 

Pasta Street also has a delicious range of desserts like pannacotta, which is a light and smooth Italian pudding; French chocolate tart with a deep sumptuous pool of rich chocolate encased in a light pastry served with vanilla ice cream and two mousse terrine, a rich chocolate cake combining milk chocolate and dark chocolate mousses. 

Paolo Ceci is the development chef, who is from Rome and keeps visiting Bengaluru on a regular basis. Involved in the menu, he keeps introducing new concepts and recipes regularly so that the guests always have something new to look forward to. 

“Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines across the globe. It also offers a number of choices and huge scope for experimentation and ideation,” adds Purandar.

Pasta Street is located on Cunningham Road, Vasanthnagar. For details, call 40976910.