Waves of wellness

Waves of wellness


Waves of wellness

You don’t have to buy anything new to feel festive. It’s the newness that you evoke inside you that makes every day feel like a new beginning. Here’s how:

First, do stationary cycling for 30-60 minutes daily. Every body cell responds to exercise’s “Light up!” call. Aches diminish. Cramps cease. Muscles ease.

 Identify yourself wholly with wellness, never with illness. Identifying with robust health increases the flow of life-giving pranic energy. Talk, think, live, sleep health—nothing less.
If prone to migraines, back aches, joint aches, evoke the body’s healing power. Say, “Hey body, I need your help to let go of this pain. Listen, this pain is not your natural state. To relax, be pain-free, brim with joy—that’s your true nature, my sweet friend. Be natural.”  When the pain goes, say, “Thank you for letting go of the discomfort.”

Be tender about the past without delving into it - because where you delve is where you dwell. Be less coldly logical or rational in the present and live deeper, more sensitively from intuition and creativity. Always retain hope, not fear, for the future - all great and positive things are possible in that which is yet to be. Wish earnestly each day that everbody’s life overflows with blessings.

Heal your medulla oblongata. It’s the lower brainstem that fits neatly atop the spinal cord. It regulates involuntary functions—breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure. Masters call it the ‘pranic doorway’ – from where the life-force enters the body. Do this daily: Cup the back of your neck with your left palm. Cup the portion just above the nape with your right palm to cover the medulla oblongata. Close your eyes and say: “Heal-1, Heal-2…” upto “ Heal-30.” Your diastolic blood pressure is bound to drop.

To renew your immune system, eat some fresh or dried amlas daily with meals. Amlas contain the highest naturally occurring Vitamin C—625-1814 mg per 100 gm. It increases the red blood cell count, lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cancer. Tip: Brush your teeth after meals as sour foods leech enamel off the teeth.

Reserve your own space to meditate, read, write and be by yourself. The Brahma Kumaris put it beautifully: “Fish stay in water because they would die if they came out. The water is their world. The big world outside is nothing for them. Likewise, when I’m merged in an inner world of peace and contentment, I create a vibrational field around me that is my world. Then I am not interested in or affected by the negative energy around me. Today, let me stay in an atmosphere that keeps me alive.”

Be ever ready to learn. Radio genius Marconi told his friend, “All my life I’ve been studying this matter, but there is one thing I simply cannot understand about the radio,” said Marconi, “Why does it work?” Keep questioning. In living, in learning, watch life reveal its myriad mysteries.

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