Animation in motion

Animation in motion

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Animation in motion

Involved: Children taking part in the workshop.

As part of the 6th International Children’s Film Festival, many children had an opportunity to watch and learn various concepts with regard to animation.
Nearly 200 students, all below 14 years, from various schools in the City participated in the animation workshop.

The students were given a chance to interact with professional animators and view some of the latest works that the animation industry has come up with.

The children got an opportunity to see the making of Avatar, the greatest creation in animation in recent years. Demonstration of the use of graphics and animation in movies was shown to children.

Children were shown how much of a difference animation makes in a movie in terms of visuals and creative presentation.  The entire process of how animation is involved in the making of a movie was taught to them.

Starting from the story board to conceptually visualising it, putting the pictures into motion and finally combining all these aspects together in the form of a movie was taught.

Akanksha, a sixth standard student from South East Asian Education Society, said, “I did not know anything about animation. I learnt how to put together single pictures and give life to it. I also got to know how much effort needs to be put in just to make one single scene.”

Animators from the industry like Ants and Rakshak taught the basic aspects of animation to children. The children got to try their hands on most animation aspects.
They took the example of an elephant and drew it frame by frame and put it in motion.

Nikhil, an eighth standard student from Vidya Peetha High School, said, “After watching movies like Harry Potter and Narnia, I was amazed as to how much animation can do. Since then, I was keen on anything that had to do with animation but I did not know how exactly this field works. After attending this workshop, I have learnt how exactly those mind- blowing scenes are done in movies.”

The workshop was conducted in four batches, each batch lasting for almost three hours.  Almost all the children enjoyed the workshop and were extremely happy about learning something new.

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