Ghanaian arrested for assaulting constable

Ghanaian arrested for assaulting constable

Ghanaian arrested for assaulting constable

The Banaswadi police have arrested a Ghana national on the charges of assaulting a police constable on Thursday night. The accused is Adam Darmaig, 45, a tourist.

The Internal Security Division provided inputs to the local police that Darmaig was suspected to be involved in an illegal money doubling racket. The police traced the mobile phone number of Darmaig and found that he was in the City.

Around 11 pm on Thursday, they learnt that he was in a restaurant in Kammanahalli. Six policemen from the Banaswadi police station went to the eatery and started questioning him. Enraged, Darmaig assaulted police constable Shivakumar with a chair, injuring him in the head. The other policemen overpowered him and took him into custody.

The police said Darmaig had to come India on a tourist visa on January 23, 2015. He visited several places before coming to Bengaluru, four days ago. He was residing in a lodge in Kammanahalli.

P Harisekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police (East), said, “Darmaig said he had come to the City for illegal money doubling business. He would assure victims he would pay them double the money he received.”

Darmaig contacted Ravi, a resident of Banaswadi, recently, and explained the offer. He told Ravi he would pay him $60,000 if he (Ravi) paid him Rs 30,000. Impressed, Ravi agreed to meet Darmaig in Kammanahalli. The police were tipped off about the meeting and they caught Darmaig at the restaurant. They searched him and found Rs 500 in his possession.

“We are interrogating Darmaig to ascertain the exact reason for his visit to the country. We are also on the lookout for Ravi who might throw more light on the racket,” Harisekharan said. Shivakumar was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors said he was out of danger. The Banaswadi police are investigating.