Learning the art of film-making

Learning the art of film-making


Learning the art of film-making

Rabi explaining the process of film-making to the students.

Most youngsters these days have a fascination for making films. Understanding this need of the people is young film-maker Rabi Kisku, who has been holding workshops on the creative and technical aspects of film-making for quite sometime in the City. He held one such workshop at St Joseph’s Boys School recently. “I have been holding this workshop once every three or four months,” he explains.

“The course includes how to write a film, cinematography, and the technical aspects of film-making like camera and lighting; as well as its creative aspect. The students are then made to shoot a film, followed by an editing process of one day, which takes place in our studios.”

What motivated him to start a course like this? “My experiences as a film-maker,” he answers. “As a film-maker myself, I look forward to meeting people from the field.” He adds, “This course prepares budding film-makers to go to well-known film schools like Whistling Woods and the FTII and study the subject further. It also helps them work as assistant directors.”

Being one of the organisers of the Bangalore Rooftop Film Festival, a fest showcasing the works of amateur film-makers, Rabi also made a movie called Silicon Jungle, revolving around the lives of IIT students. Is it similar to 3 Idiots? “I haven’t seen the movie but my film is quite similar to the book, 5 Point Someone,” he smiles. “But it released way before the book or the film released, and got good reviews,” he adds modestly.

The students have many interesting things to say as well. “I want to understand the details of film-making, and the course is pretty interesting,” says Urvashi, an economist. While Rajagopalan, a software architect notes, “I have shot many videos before but I wanted to learn what’s lacking in them. Filming is my passion and I want to learn the intricacies.”

Sujeeth, a software developer says, “I wanted to understand the technicalities of film-making as the current films are completely tech-driven.”