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Last Updated 17 January 2010, 11:02 IST

Joseph, Student

I am not a big part of traditional festivals as I was not brought up in that sort of atmosphere. My parents never imposed them on me. So I am not even aware of the many festivals we have. When I have children in the future, I won’t impose any festival on them either and will leave it to them to choose the festival they wish to celebrate.”

Preemal, Student

I totally enjoy traditional festivals. It’s the time to connect with one’s spiritual side. Christmas being my biggest festival, I look forward to the Mass and be part of the carol singing. It’s lot of fun and help us connect to a different side of ours.”

Bianca, Student
“I wait for festivals to come to get back to our roots and learn the religious significance of the festivals. I do take time out to be a part of them and enjoy them to the fullest.”

Anneete, Student
“More than the religious significance, traditional festivals have become reasons to bond with families. We actually take time out to meet relatives who we rarely get to meet otherwise because of our hectic schedules.”

Vineeth, Student
Times have changed and we sure need to progress. Earlier, festivals were a time to connect with the roots, to see who we are and where we come from. But now-a-days, the festivals are slowly becoming a means to express our feelings, our inner celebration of being together. I have not been brought up in a traditional system, where festivals play a huge role. So I don’t understand them completely but I do look forward to the ones where I can express myself.”

(Published 17 January 2010, 10:58 IST)

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