The Dalai Lama on loving oneself

The Dalai Lama on loving oneself

"There are two different senses of self. One has no hesitation in harming other people; and that is negative and leads to trouble.”

“The other is based on determination, will-power and self-confidence, and that sense of 'I' is very necessary. Without it, how can we develop the confidence we need to carry out any task in life? Similarly, there are two types of desire also. However, hatred is invariably negative and destructive of harmony."

"How can we reduce hatred? Hatred is usually preceded by anger.  Anger rises as a reactive emotion, and gradually develops into a feeling of hatred. The skillful approach here is first to know that anger is negative. Often people think that as anger is part of us, it is better to express it, but I think this is misguided.”

“You may have grievances or resentment due to your past and by expressing your anger you might be able to finish with them. That is very possible. Usually, however, it is better to check your anger, and then gradually, year by year, it diminishes.”

“In my experience, this works best when you adopt the position that anger is negative and it is better not to feel it. This position itself will make a difference."