Ham operators to help in quake rescue efforts

Last Updated : 27 April 2015, 19:06 IST

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The Indian Institute of Hams (IIH), in association with the Department of Youth Services and Sports, Karnataka, is building a network with other Ham operators to reach out to people, government officials and defence personnel in the quake-hit Nepal. 

“We have been communicating with people there through Ham. Around 50 people from City and State have spoken to friends and relatives in Nepal. Apart from informing about their safety, people are seeking food and medical aid. Some who have not been reach out to their people, have posted information seeking details,” IIH Director S Sathyapal told Deccan Herald. 

Turkey has established a Ham in Nepal and other nations are on the way. The IIH  is now building a chain of relaying station. This is being done through China, Japan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. “ Since this does not depend on satellite, we are able to create a safe communication medium and presently the entire India is on red alert. We have set up a master control room in Gwalior for communication,” The entire communication is on 14.210 mHz,” he said. 

He added that though the defence has its own wireless service, the personnel were unable to contact Nepal and Indian government officials from Nepal due to lack of proper communication devices. The defence personnel are also depending on Ham.

Presently a four-member team from Hyderabad has been sent to Nepal. The team is headed by Ram Mohan (VU2MYH) and Jose (VU2JYS). Another four-member team from Karnataka is also ready to leave for Nepal, but awaiting government orders. In order to keep a tab on communication channels, Nepal government has said that the Ham teams should be recognised by the State government.

Talks are on with various departments to send a team from the State at the earliest so that wireless sets can be carried to reach out to far-off places, Sathyapal added.

Published 27 April 2015, 19:06 IST

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