'Playing the tabla amazes me'

'Playing the tabla amazes me'


'Playing the tabla amazes me'

TALENTED : Roy Wooten

You can beat your heart out on it. Or even, strum away to glory on it. For drumtair is a blend of the drum and the guitar.

 Conceived and invented by five-time Grammy award winner Roy Wooten, the drumtair, has in return earned its maker the moniker, Futureman, for having invented and playing an instrument that no one has ever attempted to play in the history of classical music.
A rapper, Roy uses rap as an art form to narrate a story. He reasons that there’s poetry, prose and rhythm in rap. “I use the classical form to get a story across to people,” Roy told Metrolife.
He explains the hymn Amazing Grace can be performed in different styles and rhythm. He thinks music must narrate the story of mankind and celebrate the oneness of man and the diversity of cultures.

Roy is best known for infusing classical music with jazz elements, especially improvisation, and the spoken word. He says he has been influenced by the work of Chevalier B St George also known, as the Black Mozart. “Most of my compositions focus on human relationships and bondage. They speak a universal language which preaches harmony, oneness and appreciating cultures,”  he says.

Among the pieces that he played in the City are Child to Slaves. He also performed variations of Amazing Grace and a few other American spirituals. “We will also pay respect to the king of pop,” he observes. 

He says he wants his work to take a human journey of sorts. He thinks the past is the pointer to the future. Same goes for music, he avers.

He loves the sound of the tabla and says the instrument has been influential and inspirational in his work. “Playing tabla is a mastery that is truly inspirational and its velocity never has ceased to amaze me,” he wraps up.