Hitting the road

Hitting the road

Changing landscape

Hitting the road

Not all who wander are lost, but some wander just to get lost in the beauty of nature, and to get away from the hustle-bustle of city-life. As an increasing load of pressure is heaped on to people, be it students or adults, they yearn for relaxed weekends or small holidays. Even if it means a short drive to the nearest hill or resort, people are willing to take a few days off.

Every youngster has his or her own interpretation of the phrase ‘let’s go on a drive’. “We have to have some days to ourselves to neutralise stress. And these trips usually mean having a crazy time!” says Rishab, a student. While for some it’s a time to relax and enjoy, for others it’s a passion and time to experience new things.

Road trips are a fun way to de-stress and explore different places. They provide a whole new outlook to travelling.  “For someone like me, road trips happen week in and week out. I ride bikes a lot and rarely drive so I don’t plan out every detail of the trip. I prefer if it happened spontaneously,” says Adarsh Gangadhar Borkar, an engineering student from BMS College of Engineering. “I have covered almost all of Karnataka, western Himalayas, Delhi, Agra and other lesser popular but scenic highway routes. The drive through San Francisco Bay and major parts of California, Los Angeles and Hollywood are  the international ones I have made,” he adds.

The longlasting affair between a traveller and a great open-ended road is one that cannot be broken easily. Anuja Ghosalkar, a theatre artiste who has been on road trips from Coorg to Kerala, says that the change of landscape from that of a concrete jungle to the bright green nature reveals the variation that is available to people. “When on road trips, the destination and the journey itself are a lot more interesting than daily life. Also, these trips allows us to find places which are not necessarily mainstream.” she adds. “The freedom to visit places at our ease, without a time constraint can be experienced only during the road trips,” says Shreyas.

    Venkatesh Kumar, who has gone on trips within the country and cross-country, says, “It’s a different experience to be in an entirely new city, which you have only heard of but not seen. The mysteries and challenges a place offers is worthwhile.” He has travelled for three months throughout South America covering almost six countries.

When we finally get back home, everything remains untouched. But memories of new experiences and gained perspectives add spice to life.