Wind beneath their wings

Wind beneath their wings

Wind beneath their wings

It’s a new beginning for the students of class 10 (CBSE) with the results coming out on Thursday. Those who scored a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 10 and their parents were too joyous to describe their feelings. Some were ecstatic at their feat while the others turned emotional. The students are now looking ahead for a future that would shape their dreams.

Shri Gowri
Capitol Public School

An excited Shri Gowri attributes her success to her Alma Mater. Having secured a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 10, she happily says, “I studied systematically since the beginning of the year and increased my study time as the preparatory examinations approached. We had two preparatory examinations which helped me a lot. The teachers gave us a lot of worksheets and tests that gave me a good foundation in academics.”

An avid athlete, she says that she did not have to compromise on extra-curricular activities this year. “A lot of people told me that tenth standard is a stepping stone to  future but I had a lot of fun this year.”

Gowri plans to study Arts at Christ University and write civil service exams and get into Indian Foreign Service.

An emotional and proud mother, Prabha CG, says, “I am very happy and proud of my daughter. She is a very hard-working child. I saw her struggle and prayed that she get the marks that she deserves. She was in doubt on scoring a full CGPA but I was very confident. I advised her to take Science or Commerce but it is her decision to take Arts. We support her decision. She is a very creative child and I want her to pursue what she loves.”

Ashish Christopher Victor
Army Public School

For most students like Ashish — hardwork and systematic planning is what helped them bag a good score.

“I have scored A+ grade in all the subjects and I’m happy about my score. The preparation process was systematic and consistent. I studied everyday; and more than concentrating on the number of hours that I put in, I focussed on the syllabus and chapters I finished in those hours,” says Ashish.

“I used to play piano, to handle stress. I also played sports like tennis,” he says.
His favourite subjects are Math and Science. He adds, “I would like to explore a future in the sciences, like engineering or medicine.”

Ashish’s mother Dorothy and father Naresh are beaming with pride.

“We were sure that he would get a nice score as he has always been consistent with his grades. He was always a hard working student. I would have to sometimes nudge him to stay focussed, but he was always systematic,” says Dorothy.

She adds that Ashish was also self-motivated which helped him stay on the right track.
As told to Tini Sara Anien, Anushka Sivakumar and Surupasree Sarmmah.

Delhi Public School, South

She says, “Looking back, it has been a great year. I was never a bookworm. I used to practise dance and play badminton. I never had to compromise on any extracurricular activities. I struggled a little towards the end.” Keen on following her father’s footsteps, she plans on becoming a doctor as well.

Her father, S Keshava Murthy, says, “We supported her and were confident that she will do well. Despite being a doctor and having a busy schedule, I helped her a little with Mathematics. She is a very hardworking child and we are very proud of her.

She will take a proper decision after two years about her career. She will now concentrate on her 11th and 12th standard.”

Sugosh AM
Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir

A confident Sugosh says that attention in class and brushing up before exams have really helped him perform well. He says that his teachers, family and friends have been his greatest support throughout his preparation. He says, “ I have not compromised my studies with extra co-curricular activities. I used to listen carefully in class and then just brushed up my subjects right before the exams.” His proud father Madhuranjan was sure that his son would score well in his boards and claims that the credit goes to the faculty of the school.

“All the credit goes to the faculty members who have been very encouraging and supportive throughout,” he says. Sugosh AM wants to take up Paleontology and pursue science from Sri Chaithanya College, Yeshwantpur.

Melvin Mathew
National Public School, Koramangala

Melvin considered his NCERT textbook as his Bible. He says, “I was very thorough with my portions. I practised all the sums in the textbook multiple times. I also used the 15 minutes of reading time that was scheduled before the exam. During the Mathematics exam, I divided my time for the one mark, two mark and five mark questions. This put me on an edge as I could finish the paper. I did not have to compromise on any extracurriculars this year. I had a great time at school.” He is continuing his 11th standard in NPS K and plans to become a doctor. His mother, Sonia, says, “We were very happy that he has secured good marks. He is a hard-working boy.  He had a dream to pursue medicine ever since his eighth grade. He feels that his true calling is science and we are ready to support him in all his endeavours.”

National Public School, Koramangala

Shravani exudes joy as she recalls her experience in tenth standard. Describing her school days as a fun-filled and lively time, she says, “This year was amazing. There was a lot of pressure but at school, we had a lot of fun as well. It all came together towards the end and most of us did very well. I am continuing my 11th standard in the same school and have chosen Biology. I am considering Medicine but haven’t completely decided yet.”

Her mother, Meghana Patil, says, “I am very proud of her. The school has helped us a lot and have given her a solid foundation. The school has oriented her academically and it’s a happy moment for the family.”

Ishwar Choudhary
Delhi Public School (South)

Students like Ishwar were expecting a top score, as they had been efficiently preparing for the board examinations. “I was expecting a good CGPA like 9.8 and I’m happy. I have been systematically preparing myself for the examinations. I used to do revisions and just before the exams, I would revise again,” says Ishwar. He adds that he wasn’t very stressed before the examinations and whenever he felt a bit of the pressure, he would  sleep or listen to music. “My favourite subject is Science. I had to work a bit on Social Studies because there is a lot to learn in it. Everyone around me was very supportive,” says Ishwar. He sees his future in the pure sciences.

His parents, Seema and Kishan are overjoyed. “We aren’t surprised with the results. We knew that Ishwar had put in his best efforts,” says Seema.

Rhutu Kallur
Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir

An optimistic Rhutu expected that she would pass her board exams with flying colours. She says, “I used to wake up around 7. 30 am and start studying without any break. If I got bored of studying the same subject, I would switch to  another one. I would finish my studies by 6. 30 pm  and go to bed at 9 pm. My teachers were very encouraging.” Rhutu solved around 15- 20 Maths question papers in a month’s time. She wants to study at Narayana PU College. She also wants to become the first youngest woman entrepreneur.  Rekha, the proud mother exclaims, “She was a gift to me always. She is a very good daughter who respects everyone.”