Putting their best foot forward

Putting their best foot forward


Putting their best foot forward

Sporty seems to be the flavour of the season. “Sporty is in,” says R Kumar, Manager, Bata, Brigade Road. The unisex canvas shoe, with its athletic look, is leading the ‘sporty’ bandwagon. “It’s a pretty fast moving item at all the stores,” Kumar says. The youngsters echo him. “Be it boys or girls, I see everybody wearing them,” says Sakshi Singh of Mount Carmel College. Canvas shoes are available in the range of Rs 499 to 699 at Bata. Other brands like Nike and Adidas are priced upwards from Rs 1,000.

Guys, who are not-so-fussy when it comes to shoes, prefer pointed formal shoes for college and formal occasions. Semi-casual shoes and snickers are their choices otherwise.


Flat chappals, slip-ons and flip-flops seem to never go out of vogue. “They are comfortable for day-to-day wear for college-goers and you can throw them off once worn out,” reasons Arva Merhaba, B.Com final student, Christ University. “You could buy a new pair for the price of getting it mended,” she says.

Prashanti, a first-year arts student, says a major advantage with flats is they are cheap and you can buy them in multiple colours and mix-match with your clothes. Ballerinas (popularly known as belles) are still recording good sales. Though sporty is the flavour of the season, ‘girly’ is still chic. They are also cheap, available between Rs 100-300 at the street side shops on MG Road.

*Hot spots for buying

Most youngsters swear by Brigade Road and Commercial Street for shoe-spotting. Road-side shops on MG Road are equally popular as the flashy branded showrooms. “When it comes to sports wear, I really prefer brands like Nike, Lee Cooper,” says Arva. “But I am not too brand conscious when it comes to daily wear. Comfort is what matters,” Commercial Street is where youngsters head for medium-range stuff for college purpose. With hi-profile stores like Inc and Soles alongside smaller shops, the place abounds in options. Brigade Road has shops where stuff is slightly more expensive.

*Style is personal

In the age of individuality, footwear choice is increasingly being influenced by the buyer's personality. Youngsters refuse to be blind followers of fashion trends. “Fashion is general, style is personal,” says Baishnabi. “I’m just not the kind of person who would wear heels everyday, like when going to college, but a lot of girls do,” she says. Similarly, Prashanti loves to experiment with colours. “I like bright and gaudy as it makes me look cute,” she says.

*The Next Big Thing

So what's going to be big in 2010? Canvas will continue to be in vogue as long as the  sporty style rules. J J Nathu, Manager at Metro, Brigade Road, says, “Flats with interchangeable straps are fast gaining popularity. You can change the straps according to the attire you have donned. Funky chappals with each member of the pair having a different colour are also going to be big,” he says.

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