Artisans' skills on display

Artisans' skills on display

Cottage Mela

Artisans' skills on display

Some of the accessories.

A Cottage Mela featuring the rich and myriad tradition of the art and craft industry of India is on at Safina Plaza, Infantry Road. The annual mela organised by the Central Cottage Industries Emporium offers a wide range of Indian crafts under a single roof as well as an opportunity to interact with the award-winning artisans.

 A diverse range of products are on display which include tribal and semi precious jewellery from Rajasthan, hand-knotted woollen carpets from Amritsar and Jaipur which are made from natural fibres, handloom and cotton  kurtas, dress materials, scarves, ties and sarees. Dhokra brass crafts from Bastar in Madhya Pradesh, Warli art from Maharashtra, handcrafted wooden furniture, bronze and brass idols are also exhibited.   

 Kannada actress Haripriya inaugurated the expo and admired the products. She especially appreciated the  Tanjavur paintings of Gods and Goddesses embellished with semi precious stones and gold leaf. She also liked the tribal jewellery of Rajasthan made from terracotta. “The artisan community of our nation has given an artistic touch to the materials we use in our daily life like earthen pots, furniture, idols, shawls etc. These everyday  things have emerged as beautiful artwork through their artistry which are worth preserving. I urge people to buy cottage crafts to help our craftsmen,” she said.

Also on display are hand embroidered bed spreads, brass idols on Mysore silk, hand paintings from Kerala, as well as silk and zari magazine holders, table cloths from Varanasi and traditional dabla shawls of Gujarat by award winning weaver Attubhai.
Ashok Kumar from Bihar is displaying a vast array of Madhubani paintings. He took up the art at the age of eighteen and all his family members are Madhubani artists and framers as well.

“This year I have brought down  exclusive paintings and compiled some of our best work on khadi paper which is made out of  bamboo leaves and cotton. This kind of exhibition helps us to find market for our products and to get direct feedback from the customers,” he said. The exhibition is on till January 31.