A case of puppy love

A case of puppy love

Animals have always been very close to most people’s hearts. Some keep them to ward off their loneliness while others do so for the sheer love of animals. Dogs, cats, birds and fishes come high on the list of pet priority but there are some people who have squirrels and horses as pets as well. For a person with no siblings, a pet becomes a companion for life. Most families get so attached to their pets that they mourn the deaths of their cats or dogs just like they would do so for a family member. A scene in the Imran Khan starrer Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na shows Genelia D’Souza holding a death ceremony for her cat.

“I think the best way to bond with animals is to treat them as equals. They can’t speak like us so it is also important to know your pet and what he/she is trying to convey. They might not understand the complex words you utter but they surely understand the tone you speak to them in,” says Sreeja Gowda, a Communications Professional. “Parents also play an integral role in getting rid of the fear of animals in children. I have had pets around me from when I was born. In my mother’s house, we had, along with three dogs, a squirrel, a parrot and a tortoise. Now after marriage, I have a Labrador called Cleo and a Golden Retriever called Cassey,” she adds.

All pet owners feel that animals are a responsibility and have to be cared for, just like children. They have to be fed on time, bathed regularly and loved in the same manner. Constant attention has to be given to them. It is because of this reason that some parents deny permission to their children to have pets at home.
“I love animals but I was not given permission at home to keep one. My mom threatened me by telling that it would either be me or the animals, who would stay inside the house. So I decided to settle down for love birds which require less attention and can be looked after by me inspite of college, tuitions and studies. I love my birds very much and feed them daily. My mom is also happy because they are always outside and don’t dirty the house,” says Chetana, a student.

“My parents have had pets at home even before I was born. So I literally grew up with them and they are like my siblings. I have a Lab-Retriever called Bruno, Rocky, a German Shepherd, which my family adopted from CUPA and also Zach, an Indian breed. I think animals can be trusted more than humans so I’ll continue having pets even later on. We even have a fish tank at home filled with identical gold fishes,” says Ralph Roche, an engineering student.
While a dog is considered as a man’s best friend, cats are on the list of Sri Hari, a Senior Associate.
“Cats show their affection in a very subtle way and it takes a while to understand them. But once you do, there is no looking back,” he says. “A dog’s love is very visible but it’s not the same with cats and once you fall in love with the cats, life is not the same,” Sri Hari adds.

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