Time to bag the best

Time to bag the best

Time to bag the best

Taschen Trends is synonymous with both affordability and style. Started in January by sisters, Nisrin Moez Delhiwala and Fatema Commissioner, it is a one-stop store for the trendiest and most exclusive designer bags. Clutches, totes, wallets, back packs and much more, this colourful start-up sources exclusive bags (‘taschen’ in German) from around the world.

“We source all our items from Thailand and China. Our unique selling point is our price and quality. The bags definitely look classy and expensive but you cannot judge a book by its cover. That is what the clients like about our bags. They are cheap, not in quality, but in price. Besides, all of them are designer bags and are not available elsewhere,” says Nisrin. The bags are unique in design and handpicked. No bags are bought in bulk and no designs are repeated. A girl’s best companion, “they are made for those who are hard on their bags.”

“A girl’s look is not complete without a nice bag or a clutch that will match her attire. Our bags provide a perfect mix of comfort and style and they are not to be cared for like delicates. They are rough and tough in durability and ladylike in style,” she explains. In an era where nothing fashionable is available for less than Rs 1,000, this start up is praised for its pocket-friendly approach. 

In just seven months, its fame has reached across South India as she says, “We have collaborated with many boutiques in Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. With strong roots in Bengaluru, we have many satisfied clients across South India.”

They have been a part of flea markets and exhibitions and she says that they have received great feedback.  

“I love what I do and it is our mother, Rumana Commissioner, who inspired us to start something we loved. Our sales in Chennai are also soaring and another friend Duraiya Khasamwala, gives us a helping hand,” she says. 
Vibrant and colourful, they come in all sizes. The duo also takes customised orders and focusses on providing the best quality bags. The sling bags are quirky with unique pearl designs and the tote bags are elegant. Silver, gold, orange, black...they come in all colours.

Subtle and grand, they have clutches that go perfectly with ethnic wedding wear and can also be used for simple get-togethers. She says, “Both of us love bags. We wanted to start something we loved and it is this passion for bags, which makes us choose the best bags among all. We put in a lot of effort and meticulously choose the best bags and outsource them to our customers.”