'Every newcomer must choose the right script'

'Every newcomer must choose the right script'

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'Every newcomer must choose the right script'

Pavvana is the newest face of Sandalwood. Although, she is only a few films old, she longs to do some good films “without crossing the limits”. 

She says that she always wanted to become an actress and worked towards the same but doesn’t believe in making hasty decisions when it comes to choosing scripts. “I think every newcomer must take time and choose the right script, even if it means doing offbeat roles in the beginning,” Pavvana observes.

Pavvana plays the role of a social worker to perfection in her latest project ‘Aatagara’. There is nothing glamourous about the role but she feels it makes for a good start. “Why do only glamour and colour grab attention? I wanted to attempt something simple and straightforward,” she says.

The multi-starrer project has ten actors playing substantial roles. Pavvana points out that the script is written in a format that showcases the work of individual actors. “Nobody is stepping into the other person’s space or hogging more limelight than the other. We’ve all been given our due recognition as actors. I was keen to play the role of a social worker. It’s a de-glamourised role but it has been a great learning experience,” says Pavvana. She adds that just by watching senior actors, she has learnt a lot about the industry and how things work.

The young actress has had no prior training in acting but attending a few workshops before starting her career helped her understand what went on behind the camera and how a director’s vision is translated onto the big screen. “These workshops help a newcomer understand the nuances of acting and what goes into making a film. ‘Aatagara’ helped me shed my inhibitions and open up. We were also encouraged to share our perspectives,” she says.

Pavvana says that she has also signed a couple of more projects but is not allowed to reveal the details until a formal announcement has been made. “I don’t believe in talking about a project until is it ready to take off,” she concludes.