What's in a tagline?

What's in a tagline?


What's in a tagline?


When Prem unveiled the first poster of Jogaiah, what  drew media attention was the tagline, which said, The Legend of Underworld.

Some journalists objected to the line saying it was misleading and conveys a wrong message. Not ready to accept their version, Prem explained the reasons for adopting that tagline.

“I am searching for a catchy line which will suit the theme of this film. The movie is all about how a person from the underworld establishes himself in the hearts of many people. He is a legend in his own way. My movie portrays all details relating to the issue and I don’t think any misleading concept exists in it.”

However, not pleased by his clarification, some journalists suggested that he modify the debated line. Shivanna and Rakshita came to Prem’s rescue.

“Any film is the creation of a director and he has his own perception towards the movie. He says he will show how a person becomes a legend in this film and we should give him a chance to prove. Since it is related to an imaginary character which has nothing to do with real life, we better ignore it,” Shivanna said.

When he too failed to convince the journalists, he discussed the matter with director Prem. Finally, Prem assured that he would change the tagline into The Legend. But that is also yet to be finalised.