Just a click away

Just a click away

Just a click away
Busy schedules are robbing people of the luxury of savouring their food. A passion for food and a craving to ensure that everyone eats to his or her’s heart’s content made IITians Sai Priya and Rahul Harkisanka to launch ‘Eatlo’, a food app, a year ago.

The app has different menus each day, making lunch exciting and hassle-free. The food is home-cooked by professional chefs and therefore, is both delicious and healthy.

The prices are reasonable and promise to not burn a hole in your pocket. Sai Priya, the co-founder, points out that the purpose of launching such an app is to make ordering food a quick and reasonable affair. She says, “We aim to place food on your table with just a click. All that the customers have to do is choose the location and place an order and they can enjoy great food in just 20 minutes.” Rahul also thinks on the same lines when he says, “Although we’ve tied up with professional chefs, every dish is pre-sampled and sampled again on the day it is served. We take taste, health and hygiene seriously and the food is served only after it meets our quality standards.”

They will soon have a centralised kitchen where the food will be prepared and dispatched to distribution centres in different areas that will ensure cost-effective efficient delivery. Their biggest strength is that they ‘data science’ to avoid wastage of any kind and route technology to make their service super efficient and lightning fast.

A lot of care is taken to predict food preferences, which dish works out for whom and more. They also plan the menu for a week so that they don’t repeat any dish for a long time.

When asked if quality would suffer once they have too many outlets, Priya says, “Even with all the expansion, meals, locations and getting our own centralised kitchen, we will never compromise on the quality of food, ingredients, service and everything else.”
For vegetarians, themenu is not restricted to ‘paneer’, ‘rajma’ and ‘chhole’; they serve a whole variety of dishes like ‘aloo methi’, ‘gobhi matar’ and even those like ‘karela’, ‘tinda’ etc.

They even serve some traditional specialities like ‘litti chokha’, ‘gatte ki sabzi’, ‘gongura chicken’, ‘vangi bath’ and ‘tamarind rice’. “Our USP is that we do not repeat our dishes soon. Our food is prepared by chefs and not ordered from caterers or a restaurant, which makes it a fine dining experience of eating fresh, tasty food without feeling guilty,” explains Rahul.