Stating facts about fiction

Stating facts about fiction

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Stating facts about fiction

Exploring: Ram Gopal Varma

Rann takes on the media, especially the electronic media. The Factory owner though claims that Rann is only a take on the media and not any expose on it. He says he is out to project its pressures, vulnerabilities and greed. “A story woven around the media can be hard hitting. Every household has a TV and we are continuously bombarded with news of all kinds; media really tampers and meddles with the emotional and psychological being of a person,” RGV told Metrolife.

RGV makes it clear he is not out to brand the media or even pin it down. “Rann is merely a fictional account of what happens to the real news when the final version is shown to the people. Is it the truth? That’s what we have sought to explore,” he says.

 RGV thinks the media is all powerful and can say and show just about anything it wishes to. “It can have a positive effect and if it wants can leave a scar for one's lifetime,” he reasons.

 The male-dominated cast gives an impression that it is an almost "stag" film. “No, we always see hero-heroine films. Here the women and the men have equal roles. While the character of Amitabh Bachchan reflects that of a man struggling to keep the conscience of the nation intact, there’s Sudeep who thinks and means only business,” the Factory owner says.

And how did RGV zero in on Sudeep? “I have watched a couple of his films and I feel that he can slip into just about any role with ease. There’s a certain intensity is his voice and he is a very powerful performer,” he says.

 RGV’s next is a political drama, Rakta Charitra, on the life of Telugu Desam Party MLA Paritala Ravi in which Sudeep is also said to have a substantial role. And will RGV explore comedy as a genre? “Yes, soon. I’ve something in mind,” he signs off.