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Last Updated : 24 August 2015, 18:35 IST

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New age artists and writers feel comfortable with social media as they get the platform to showcase their talents.

They do not hold themselves as A grade professionals but feel blessed to be able to pursue their hobbies and relax out of the circle of their competitive jobs and studies.
In such a scenario some young trying ones have already gained immense popularity in their fields.

Graphic designers and photographers have earned a good place in the realm of things.
But amateur poets are coming up. There are various writers forum that unite the romantics with professional ones.

But rudimentary poetry could find a place to be appreciated was not something Gazal Malik could believe. She does poetry on  mood basis and has earned her followers on Instagram and Facebook. “Now I have ‘followers’ from across the world, it encourages me to write more often. My first poem was just a status on Facebook,” she says reciting a stanza.

 “If I ever have to paint, a painting that would be my last, a painting that would be an epitome of madness, of unabashed, majestic and brazen beauty, I would like to paint you.” She believes that there is an audience for everyone out there. Purnima Bali, (Burbak Gypsy blogger), had always been in a love affair with the art of draping oneself in clothes that inspire poetry.

“When I am not working in the advertising industry, I am busy dreaming of clothes and how they inspire the words in me,” she says. “Clothes didn’t just mean a way to cover myself up, it was always about the art of projection.”

“Projecting beautiful spectrum of a complex human being each one is.”
“Blogging gave me an avenue to demonstrate this art of weaving clothes and words together to illustrate beautiful stories that is called ‘engaging content’ in the digital and social world,” explains Bali.

She explains how endless number of bloggers and content generators  are out there in the fashion industry and how social media helped her find a distinguished space
in the infinite universe of internet.

“I realised within just one month of blogging that it will take me more than just beautiful clothes and words to stand out in the social space.”

“So I educated myself about targeting, meta tags, google analytics, Instagram and
Twitter integration and other such tools that were alien to me before.”

“My blog slowly and steadily started garnering the attention I desired, with invites for brand collaboration coming my way consistently.”

“In just 3 months, I have gained 1,000 organic Facebook Page followers, 700 Instagram followers, 700 views per blog post on an average.”

“The numbers are growing positively everyday,” Bali says, sounding determined.
However, Nishant Verma 24, photographer, recently shut his Facebook page which had 2,000 followers.

Even though the page gave him visibility among the photography circle, he prefers to be on other social platforms.

“Facebook has recently made payment mandatory for their pages for promotion,” he tellsMetrolife.

Since the past four years, he put his photographs regularly on the page. He gained not only popularity but also more assignments. The page, Nishant Verma Photography, served as his resume.

However, he still has his profile on Instagram and Behance.

Published 24 August 2015, 15:56 IST

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