Learning from the best faculty

Learning from the best faculty

Learning from the best faculty

I was born and raised in Pune, a metropolis which is home to the Automotive Research Association of India and schooled in different automotive cities including Bhilai and Vishakhapatnam. I was always passionate about real world vehicles and interested in joining the automotive industry, which led me to pursue Production and Industrial Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur upon completing school. During my undergraduate programme, I got to work with the companies BAJA SAE team and Tata Motors.

Thereafter, I was placed with Tata Technologies Limited, R&D, VPD Body Engineering Department, where I worked in Jaguar Land Rover projects for two years. With an immense inquisitiveness about automobiles and automotive industry know-how, I looked forward to gain in-depth insight in the particular field and be a subject matter expert on the Automobile industry.

The deciding factors

After analysing and shortlisting various universities, I eventually chose Loughborough University because of its reputation as one of UK’s top research universities and is  consistently ranked among the top 15 in league tables.

Another deciding factor was that I received a 10% scholarship from the University. The Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of the University is one of UK’s highly reputed engineering programmes. Further, engineers who have graduated from this university always have a high-market demand when it comes to employability and technicality.

An enriching experience

My time here in Loughborough University has been nothing short of amazing. When I first landed here, I missed the coach that is provided by the university for all incoming international students at the Heathrow airport. As a result, I had to book another coach from London to Leicester and then a cab from Leicester to Loughborough University and by the time I reached the university, it was already 2 am!

Through this journey, I got to know so many things about UK’s many rules and regulations, all in one night. My first walk around the university’s campus (which is really beautiful!) turned to be interesting and fruitful as I got to meet various people from all around the world.

I am presently working on my dissertation project entitled ‘Mitigation of Traffic Induced Ground Vibrations’ which focuses on the parameters that are responsible for the man-made vibrations like road vehicles and the procedures to tone down such vibrations. The Department’s theoretical and practical tutelage with a professional touch is quite laudable.

Upon completion of the course, I am looking forward gain employment in the United Kingdom with automobile companies like Ford, JLR and Rolls Royce.

Plenty to offer

Apart from academics, the university offers many extra-curricular activities for students to participate in.  In sports, I am apart of the university’s cricket team, Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club, and their basketball team, Falk Egg IMS team. Additionally, I’m also a member of Loughborough Dance Society, Hindu Society and Loughborough University Action.

Loughborough city is only sparsely populated. Nevertheless, one will find everything one needs here. The main attractions in the city are its beautiful museums, parks and castles. Its architecture and history will definitely leave you mesmerised and spellbound. Its quixotic night-life is one of the best that one can experience.

The city’s Great Central Railway, Charnwood Museum, and the Town Hall are some of the places that you can visit whilst here. Several restaurants and bars like The Orange Tree, and Bell attract numerous visitors every day.

I have just three words to describe my Loughborough University - Fantastic, amazing and spectacular! Loughborough city’s every nook and cranny is a colossal treat to the eye! It is the one place where you could have fun without compromising on your

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