Stable keeper killed by colleague in Turf Club

Stable keeper killed by colleague in Turf Club

A 28-year-old stable keeper at Bangalore Turf Club, was stabbed to death and his body was dumped in a manhole on the Club premises on Tuesday night.

 According to the police, the victim is Jasim Akhtar. He was murdered by his friend Sahil Babu, 19, over a trivial issue. Both are natives of Bihar and were working in the Bangalore Turf Club for the past two years as stable keepers.

On Monday night, an argument ensued between Babu and Akhtar. In a fit of rage, Babu stabbed Akthar repeatedly with a knife and dumped his body in a manhole on the Club premises, police said.

The incident came to light on Wednesday afternoon, when the employees at the club found Akhtar missing. A few of them found bloodstains near the manhole and alerted the senior officials at the Club. They informed the police, who visited the spot, police said.

A senior police officer said, “The police, on questioning the employee, learnt that Akhtar and Babu were found fighting constantly over various issues. They summoned Akhtar and while questioning, he confessed to have committed the crime and showed them the manhole where he had dumped the body. The body was removed from the 20-foot manhole and sent for postmortem. Akhtar has been arrested.