Trump proves his famed hairdo is no toupee!

Last Updated : 28 August 2015, 09:18 IST
Last Updated : 28 August 2015, 09:18 IST

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has settled all speculation over his famed hairdo by proving in front of hundreds of people that his hair is very much "real" and no toupee.

Trump's campaign has been promising specifics for weeks now and at a speech in Greenville, South Carolina, yesterday, a crowd of about 1,400 heard one more specific -- the hair is real.
Trump opened his speech by reading aloud from a New York Times article about staunchly anti-Trump stories published by Hispanic media outlets.

He took issue with story's opening line, "Ricardo Sanchez, known as 'El Mandril' on his Spanish drive-time radio show in Los Angeles, has taken to calling Donald J Trump 'El hombre del peluquin' -- the man of the toupee."

Trump wanted to prove that he did not, in fact, wear a toupee.

"It's my hair!" Trump exclaimed to the laughing crowd. "I swear! Come here. Just come on up here. They're going to let you. You have to do an inspection, this is getting crazy."

He brought Mary Margaret Bannister, the South Carolina House Majority leader's wife, onstage and let her touch the most famous hairstyle in the 2016 presidential race.

The woman did as she was told and went to the microphone and said, "Yes, I believe it is."

This was not the first time Trump has revved up campaign crowds by proving his hair's authenticity. He also had a supporter join him on stage to touch his hair at a New Hampshire event in June.

Bannister, who went on-stage to prove the authenticity of Trump's hair, told CNN, "It was a very bizarre experience."

"You know, I was just listening to the speech and then it just kind of happened. He made eye contact with me," she said.

Trump called on Bannister randomly and swears he has never met her before, so in theory, she was an impartial toupee-tester.

After a brief feel and laugh, Bannister confirmed to the attendees and the rest of the world on live television that the real estate mogul turned front-running presidential candidate did, in fact, have real hair.

Trump also confirmed that he does use hairspray, telling Bannister onstage before the feel, "we don't want to mess it up too much, because I do use hairspray".

Published 28 August 2015, 09:18 IST

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