Playing games virtually

Playing games virtually

Youngsters in the City are hooked on to video games to a great extent. Metrolife takes a look

Playing games virtually

Abhishek S P

This makes it even more convenient for people to play with them. The latest version of the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) has introduced Indian games like kite flying, gilli danda and kabaddi. This is a good thing because playing any of these games in the City is rare due to lack of space. The urban kids get to play it virtually, at least.

“I have been playing virtual games for very long. Earlier, we used to get cassettes, then gaming CDs for the computer, now there are portable gaming consul like the XBOX 360 and Sony PSP. It is a nice way to pass time and also helps build concentration. But my mom thinks differently. She feels I'm addicted. I saved some pocket money to buy new games. I spend at least an hour a day to play it,” said Abhishek, a student.

“When I was in college, for sometime the system at home had broken down because of virus attack. I was so addicted to video games that daily for an hour I would go to a cyber cafe near my home. There have been times when my friends and I have bunked college and tuitions to go and play these games. The craze has definitely come down now but when we are free we meet up during weekends, connect three-four laptops and play these games,” said Ashwin, a techie.

“We play car racing games and have realised that driving virtually and driving on the road are two completely different things. But this has surely improved my observational skills,” he added.

Some people have been addicted to video gaming to such an extent that they forgo meals and stay up all night becoming insomniacs. There is also a bright side to it, which is that you can build your concentration and also your observational skills.

“When I was in college, I was glued to the computer screen all the time. I was so crazy about games that I would go to gaming parlours and spend a whole lot of time and money over there. I would also send online invites challenging a few of my friends to play a game or two. Once I got into engineering, this has faded a little but I am still game for a good fight, virtually,” exclaimed Vindhya, an engineering student.

Niren P K, an engineering student said that getting killed in the game is not a done thing.
“We friends get along and play Counterstrike and other shooting games. This needs tremendous amount of concentration because one distraction and you can get killed, virtually. We challenge each other and try attacking from different direction and sometimes we gang up and target one of our friends. We are totally engrossed in the game and it is a lot of fun,” exclaimed Niren.