Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

Home is where the art is

Art is everywhere, in everyone and for everyone. The concept of art is now within the reach of a layman, who is wielding the palette like never before. Once constrained to art galleries, it is hitting the streets, and while the City is getting a makeover, do-it-yourself art is making one’s home a colourful place to live in.

Seeking tranquility and wanting to look at things in a different perspective, youngsters are painting the usually single-colour walls of their homes with quirky and simple concepts like spirituality, love for music, nature and floral patterns.

Nithya Poovappa, a make-up artist by profession, realised her love for art ‘accidentally’ and now she ‘lives art’. The white-washed walls of her house are her canvas and the pencil her tool.

Nithya recalls how it all began. “It was 10 in the night and I was bored. Staring at the empty walls, I began to sketch on them and did not stop. It continued for seven hours! It was surprising how well my sketch turned out to be, which motivated me to colour the rest of the walls too.”

A doodle artist who used to fill the last sheets of her college books with sketches, she likes to call herself a non-professional artist. “I colour my house to take my mind off routine struggles. I have received a lot of appreciation for my work. My parents too love the new interiors of our house.”

She uses oil paint and likes the combination of black and white with some glitter in the corners. While it is a pastime for Nithya, painting the walls of their home is a hobby for couple Raghunandan and Yogita. Enthusiastic art lovers, their love for art screams from every corner of their house. “It all began when we were building a small waterfall and a fish pond on our empty terrace,” says Raghunandan. This empty space soon became their ‘special place’ and now it flaunts paintings alongside some intricate and meticulous string art, dream-catchers and traditional lampshades.

With mediums like spray paints and other handpaints, the couple have created a nature-themed landscape inspired by the ‘Tree of Life’. He says, “What started off as a small project to create a welcoming corner at home, has turned into a hobby for my wife and me. Our journey into art has been a learning process and every small addition to our space has us excited. The night sky, stars and planets have always interested me and show in these wall paintings. We wanted these paintings to be alive at night as much as during the day, hence we used both glow and normal acrylic paint.”

Another youngster, Sanjeev, a tattoo artist by profession, has portrayed his love for music on walls and he says, “My family is into art and each time I saw my sisters paint, it inspired me to do something. With genes of art within me, I do not see any limitation when it comes to painting and I start my work with whatever is

Clearly, the canvas is becoming bigger, real and more personal.

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