Wide range of seafood specials at best cost

Striking ambience

The Backyard, as the name suggests stands true to the ambience it provides. Nested at the corner of the Sri Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas, it looks like a backyard of the lane. Cut out from Hauz Khas Village main area, and surrounded by residences and offices, it’s amazing to see that the place finds itself full house on a Tuesday night, and it was no ‘ladies night’.

The terrace is the place one should try to occupy first. The floor is pebbled, with wooden benches and tables, the huge dessert coolers breeze the place like the breeze in Palm Beach. With Jameson bottles as light fixtures dimly lighting the place, music getting louder as the night dawns, the moon will shine upon you as you relish the fancy food and beverages at the diner. They also offer sheesha, which becomes a reason to spend at least three to four hours there.

The restaurant provides a range of mixed cuisines; Vietnamese and Moroccan are the curiosity inducing bars. When a restaurant includes dishes from world over with a good curatorial judgement, it is reliable in authenticity of its taste and presentation. The Backyard’s menu is heavily loaded with seafood varieties that are amongst their signature dishes. The Xian Fish, Calamari, Salmon Says and Pha Lad Prick are one of a kind and certainly hard to find in most places at the cost range.

The main course will always be decorated with gourmet salads or sides, like the mashed potatoes, mayo and tartar. The Pha Lad Prick, is a fish fillet drowned in the three (red, yellow and green) Thai sauces. The portion is large but it is so blobbed that a few gobbles and you’re done. The SGT Pepper is a thin crust spicy pizza, topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, green peppercorns and Tuscan tomato sauce, each bite of which has been memorable for Metrolife. The Chicken Sliders with bacon jam in the starters has also been in the ‘worth it’ try outs.

Besides the crazy debuts in the menu, there is steak and chops, of pork and lamb, burgers, pastas and risottos. Drinks like the Very Long Island Iced Tea is also experimented with here. Served in a small steel bucket and is more than enough through the meal.

‘Ask your server for today’s special’ is the dessert of each day. With no dessert bar, the restaurant prepares fresh dessert for each order according to what’s chef thinks is hot. Metrolife had the chance to try their Nutella Pizza, which can also be called the Marshmallow pizza, it is as simple as it sounds, but the taste and portion is proof of the chef’s awareness of definitive sweet cravings one has. Another attraction at the Backyard, are the time to time the gigs they hold. Upcoming indie artists have found a shelter here. They also have a music curator who decides the performances. The name is humble but has an impactful impression on first timers.

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