Superguns give arcade games a new lease of life

Superguns give arcade games a new lease of life

Gizmo ZONE : Computer gamers can now play the original arcade versions at home

Superguns give arcade games a new lease of life

Playing arcade games on original hardware is the ultimate way to enjoy the arcade experience at home. But the cost — and size — of an arcade cabinet can be prohibitive. Yet there is a relatively unknown console that lets you play arcade hardware on a TV: the supergun.

Inside the arcade cabinet
Where game consoles have individual formats, such as PS4, SNES or Dreamcast, so do arcade cabinets. JAMMA is the most prolific. A JAMMA game comes on an arcade PCB: a slab of circuit board typically containing a single game that is ‘plugged in’ inside a cabinet.

The supergun alternative
Imagine an arcade cabinet. Remove the screen, controls and the game from that vision. You’re left with a tangle of wires and circuit boards that is the cabinet’s heart. A supergun effectively squeezes that heart into a console-sized box, and provides a slot to plug in a JAMMA game, and a means to connect a TV and controller.

Where to find one
Superguns are largely made by sole arcade devotees. Jasen’s Customs builds and sells the MK30 ADCAP, a high-end supergun. Elsewhere, ArcadeForge’s MAK Strike is a popular option, or the brave can buy a kit and build their own. As for the JAMMA games, eBay is expensive, but UK trading forums such as Arcade Otaku and JAMMA+ provide a marketplace and advice.

What about arcade ports?
Many classic arcade games have been released for console, but these ports often change the game and run at different speeds. And a wealth of superb arcade games have never seen a console version. Simply put, original hardware is the only authentic way to play true arcade games.

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