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Last Updated 16 November 2015, 14:33 IST

Lack of good teachers and good schools with quality education” prompted Roshni Mukherjee to come up with online video lessons to reach students across the country.

“Had I been a school teacher, I could have taught a handful of students. But, I wanted to reach the masses - students in remote areas who can’t afford expensive education and parents who want to help their kids learn. I knew the Internet has a solution to everything and an online platform was the best option to reach people,” she says.

Driven with her passion for teaching and ensuring that quality education reaches as far as possible; she created ExamFear - a website that makes available educational video lessons on Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry with concepts and tricks for students of classes eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12. The site currently has almost 4,200 video lessons.

“We are also creating content for junior classes – six and seven. An Android mobile app has also been introduced so that students can watch the lessons on their mobile phones. The main idea is to spread quality education throughout the country free of cost. Equal education to one and all is what ExamFear aims at,” she tells Metrolife.

With a focus on the Indian syllabus, primarily the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the site has all topics covered. “We have just chosen these subjects to start our journey, and have plans to extend to other subjects as well.

I personally came across a lot of students who find it extremely difficult to understand Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and gradually develop a fear for them. Being a student with Science background, I felt that I might be able to help students understand these subjects better,” she adds.

The videos on ExamFear, whose target audience is students, teachers and parents across the world, explain the concepts in simple language using examples from daily life. Mukherjee also makes use of pictures and animations as required.

“Our main focus is on concepts. If students are clear with the concepts, they will do well in the Board exams. We do not follow an exam-centric approach, but cover all topics in the syllabus. Education is all about learning new things. We ensure that all our video lessons are special and give the best possible explanation to students,” she says.

Adding, Mukherjee says that she even gives a quick recapitulation of complex concepts so that students have no doubts. “Each lesson is followed by some questions/problems with solutions to help students better understand the application of the concepts learnt. We are also coming up with a four-step learning process wherein students would be able to appear for online tests to evaluate themselves,” she says.

Pointing out that her initiative is it is not only for students living in remote areas who do not get quality education, Mukherjee says it is also for those living in towns, cities and even metros who cannot afford quality education either because their parents cannot afford it or because of lack of enthusiastic teachers in schools.

“In our country, there are a lot of schools which provide quality education, but most of them are quite expensive and thus become unaffordable for a lot of students. On the other hand, a lot of schools are not that expensive but do not provide quality education. These days, Internet has actually reached a lot of small towns and villages as well, so ExamFear is already reachable. We are also trying to find a way out to reach even those areas where there is no Internet,” she says.

Ask her about her journey so far, and Mukherjee says that words cannot express the happiness she feels reading appreciations, which include many messages, like the one from Shreya Mehta which reads: “Hi ma’am, I have studied physics in class 12th only on your channel and I got 96 per cent in my Boards. It’s all just because of your selfless and commendable hard work. I give the entire credit for my getting into a prestigious college to you. Hope many others would get benefit from this. You have a wonderful way
of teaching.”

(Published 16 November 2015, 14:33 IST)

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