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Last Updated 26 November 2015, 18:33 IST

Light fixtures are an integral part of modern home furnishings and wall designs. Like with a lot of decor topics, lights also have several new trends each season. Wondering what the latest wall lighting trends are? Read on to know more. And rest assured you will stay trendy — after all lights matter.

LED leads

LED lighting is six or seven times more efficient than conventional lighting and can last up to 25 times longer. And that is certainly why LEDs are trending. The best choice to go green and save on power bills; they can avoid tons of carbon emissions. LED cabinet lighting is in demand and there is a significant interest in outdoor LED lighting for patios, porches, driveways and garden areas. The beauty of LED lies in its versatility and it can also be used in traditional fixtures.

Inside utility furniture

How often have you rummaged through shelves and cabinets looking for stuff in vain? Chances are, very often. And you would have possibly rued the lack of lights too. However, today, there are several solutions to the problem. They are elegant and functional and most importantly, add lighting inside those formerly-dark spaces. In several instances, this is sensor-based, which means that when you open a drawer or cabinet, the light inside is triggered to instantly turn on.

Shower lights

Your bathroom is the space to relax and rejuvenate. And lights can make or break the overall mood. Shower lights are popular in the bathroom and continue to be in vogue. And the best part is that these are recessed lights that help you maintain the illumination that you really need.

Wireless lighting
Presently, there’s strong demand for functional lighting design that’s incorporated into the home security system. These systems are increasingly going wireless, and incorporating either outdoor or indoor lighting. The ability to control all the lights of your home through a phone or tablet is also trending.

Metal matters

Warm metals are in and they are manifesting in light fixtures as well. Copper-themed lights are leading the way and pendant lights and various copper sconces and lamps are fashionable this season. Even dual-toned metal fixtures are seeing increased interest. Hence, combinations like chrome with black and bronze with gold or copper are in. Mixing metal colours and mixing of chrome and brushed nickel is very common as well.

Nature calling

In terms of light fixtures, there is a marked trend to opt for products made from
natural materials. Fixtures made out of wood and combinations with many different metals and glass are popular. In fact, adding aspects of nature lends a sense of lived-in atmosphere.

Vintage chandeliers

A new home can always use something from the past and vintage lighting fixtures might just become the conversation starter in your home. In fact, the return of retro is a trend in several decor elements as in the case of lights. Using a lot of brass and glass creates the perfect light.

Chandeliers in vintage styles are trending and can make a compulsive decor statement in any room. Make sure that you do all you can to make the chandelier the centre of attraction as far as the decor of the room is concerned.

Exterior lighting

Bringing the indoors out is a big trend this year as there is a strong and sure focus on creating welcoming outdoor living spaces. Designs that are typically used in the
interiors of homes are finding their way into outdoor spaces. In fact chandelier-like fixtures and table lamps are also being created for exterior use.

(The author is founder, AURA)

(Published 26 November 2015, 15:42 IST)

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