For late-night snacking

For late-night  snacking

Every day brings something new to Bengaluru in terms of food — another restaurant, cafe, bistro or pub opens up and along with it comes a new experience and cuisine. But for us City folks, Empire Hotel is not just another restaurant. It is (and has been for a while now) a milestone — in the lives of Bengalureans and the culinary scene.

What began as a small venture on the streets of Shivajinagar (Central Street, to be more precise) has now turned into an ever-popular joint that people rush to. Known to keep awake way past bed time, it beckons all those who have midnight cravings. While the rest of the City sleeps under a curfew, Empire (as it is popularly known) houses those who roam the dark roads. As Bengaluru is the IT capital of India, it’s only natural that all the techies flock to its various outlets for a late-night snack!

Born in 1966 and fathered by Abdul Rahim, this 49-year-old eatery was started with a vision to serve good quality food to people. From its humble beginning, it has grown into a chain of restaurants known for its non-vegetarian food. Initially on lease, it flourished when NKP Abdul Haq took over the business in 1982. The menu back then consisted of ghee rice, coin parotha and a variety of kebabs.

Junaiz K, COO and General Manager at Empire Group of Hotels, says that they make over 50,000 home deliveries every month. “Abdul Haq, who was the man behind all the hard work, believed in some key factors like keeping the food items affordable and never compromising on the quality. He also believed that employees should be treated fairly and one should have a heart full of compassion. Ethics was a priority,” he says.

These days, the menu has expanded a bit more and there are mouthwatering dishes like Empire special chicken kebabs, biryani and shawarmas, which is the signature item. Other popular food items are dal fry, grill chicken, butter chicken, al-faham chicken, dosa chicken, Arabian grape juice and lassi. Experimental and unusual combos like ‘dosa appams’ and ‘keema dosas’ are something to relish. As the menu is reasonably priced and the quantity is filling, it is a treat for youngsters as well.

Not ones to stagnate on one menu, Junaiz adds, “We are careful when revising our menu. Due to our continuous research, changing tastes and the preferences of customers, we revise our menu once a year to provide better options.” With spacious seating and a clean environment, it’s not a wonder that they are so loved.

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