It's all in the family

It's all in the family
It’s often like a musical, ‘family drama’ playing out on stage when the members of the multi-genre band, ‘Fernandes Fusion’, perform their set. The six Fernandes siblings, who morphed into being a band when they were in Aldona and sang all over the coastal region, have now comfortable settled into the music circuit of the City and are a regular feature in the scene ever since they settled down here.

Listening to a band where all of them are own brothers and sisters, without squabbling on stage, is a rare sight and the six unanimously echo that they love the entire process.

John says, “We were all home-schooled in Goa and music was 24/7 playing in the background. I grew up listening, and unconsciously learning, so much music that it’s not even funny. When I used to go to ‘school’, there would be MTV or Channel ‘V’ playing in the background. The lines between music at home and at a professional level now, have blurred as the music is the core that keeps all of us together. It’s a big privilege to be performing as a family. We respect each other as musicians and most of all, we really enjoy each other’s company.”

 Their original compositions are soothing, sweet and makes one nostalgic about evergreen, pop melodies. The genuine and clean vocals and ability to make transitions to higher octaves at ease can make anyone fall in love them instantly. Though it’s difficult to pin down their genre as their songs range from a post rock melody to having some ‘choiry’ tunes, every song by the family pierces the heart like an arrow. Now, the band is working on a rock set featuring some of the best hits that they all listened to as teenagers and are looking forward to performing that in all the metros this year.

From performing at night markets, five-star venues and food festivals in Goa, the places that they have played hauntingly beautiful music are Hard Rock Cafe, Ritz Carlton and Roadhouse. With Krissy on vocals, Ozie on vocals and guitars, Joe on lead guitars, John on bass guitar and vocals, Michael on drums and Stephanie on vocals, the band rose to fame after their recent tribute to ‘The Beatles’. John says,  “Our next own composition, ‘Song Ga’ is in a Goan folk style with English lyrics and is a song all about India and its diversity in a very folk-dance format. There is a rap section where we have described various cities such as Jaipur, Benares, Shillong and Kashmir.”

A band which can get the audience from swaying to songs in rock and retro and twirling to tunes in contemporary pop and blues and, John loves the City’s bustling music scene. He lauds the diverse network of musicians here and the space that it allows for various bands to coexist. “The audience is way more relaxed in Goa. The folk, traditional music is played at only at local festivals but there is a huge Western influence at commercial events as tourists are the target audience.”

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