All that jazz

All that jazz

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All that jazz

Growing up, Shubhangi Joshi was surrounded by music. Melodies followed her around like a faithful lamb and the beautiful relationship was formed early on. And as her voice strengthened, she found her space in the music industry.

    The singer/songwriter strums acoustic sounds, tells tales from the soul and dabbles in jazz. Talking to ‘Metrolife’ about her journey so far and more, she says...

On growing up with music and making it your career...

We always had music playing around the house ever since I was a kid (we are all music buffs - my elder sister sings really well and my younger brother is quite a good guitarist), so I suppose I started singing when I was a child. I realised this is what I wanted to do professionally when I was in 11th grade, when I began writing songs and was exposed to some really good music by my school bandmates. I realised that making music is what gives me pure joy and I can happily do it forever. It took me some time to finally take the leap into doing it full time, but the seed had been germinating in my mind for quite some time.

One word you associate music with?


Hardest part about being a musician?

The roller coaster of emotions you feel through your journey that can range from utter delight to doubt, to feeling blue - and staying consistent with your efforts through it all. I am not sure if this is a musician specific thing, though.

Melodies or lyrics?

A very tough one! I have written songs both ways - with the melody originating first, and sometimes the lyrics. But I'd have to say melody.

What makes you pick up the pen and write?

Sometimes it's an event (either in my life or in society) that really affects me, or something I feel strongly about, or a concept that I'd like to share with others. There are many reasons - but the basic reason is an urge to express myself and hoping that it resonates with others.

When you have a writer's block, you...

I watch some science documentaries, read a book, eat something yummy… Basically do something totally unrelated to music until something good pops back in my head, which is usually in the dead of the night.

Then I proceed to frantically grabbing my cell phone and squinting at the bright screen till I have safely typed the gist of the lyrics before I attempt to go back to sleep.

If, one day, you lost your talent to sing and play music, what would you do?

I'd keep exploring beautiful music by listening to it, and keep writing poetry. I'd always want to stay connected to music in any way I can.

When you lose your voice, you...

I have hot water with honey and rest my voice for sometime till I don't feel a strain while speaking. The wait is frustrating though.

Every forgotten the lyrics when on stage?

Oh yes, once! It was a cover - I hummed my way out of it

Top three songs on your playlist now?

Riverman - Nick DrakeWindows to the Soul - Steve Vai
Bulerias - Tomatito

Aretha or Louis?


One person you'd love to sing with (dead or alive)?

Nick Drake

How many instruments do you play?

I play the guitar and very basic keyboards. Have recently begun taking flute lessons and hope I get the hang of it soon!

A music festival you'd love to play at?

In India, I'd love to play at the Ziro Festival of Music . Abroad (a girl can always dream) Montreaux Jazz Fest.

As told to Ananya Revanna