VCEverywhere takes VaaS to every device

VCEverywhere takes VaaS to every device

NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies, and Avaya, together announced the launch of a new cloud-based video conference platform — VCEverywhere in Bengaluru on Monday. 

The solution is designed to deliver high-quality video conferencing experience across devices.

It can be accessed via a PC, Mac, Apple iOS and Android tablet/smartphone, or video conferencing room system.

“Video conferencing is function of the network. VCEverywhere has been tested across various network conditions and characteristics, and has been found to be perfectly suitable for India,” said Rajgopal, MD, NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies.

“Enterprises today expect employees to be available 24X7. VCEverywhere enables this as it can be accessed on personal devices. Besides, improved network compatibility allows calls to be initiated and received easily,” he added.

The new Video as a Service (VaaS) platform, with solutions developed under Avaya Scopia is being offered on NxtGen infrastructure. It has been launched under a subscription model at Rs 3,000 per month for 10 users.

Companies, originally, built their own infrastructure for video conferencing. Scaling such infrastructure bears heavily on companies’ capital expenditure.

“With VCEverywhere, customers can subscribe to a virtual meeting room on any device, and all they would need is Internet,” said Arun Shetty, Director of Collaboration Solutions — India, Avaya.

“Video as a Service (VaaS) is the fastest growing market, and there is a growing requirement in the startup and new age services sector for video conferencing solutions. Our focus is on this market,” he added.