Car driver kidnaps caterer, butchered by victim's pals

Car driver kidnaps caterer, butchered by victim's pals

Abductee sent SOS messages to friends who quickly came to his rescue

In an incident that appears straight from an action film, a cab driver who, along with five of his friends, kidnapped a caterer for ransom was hacked to death by the abductee’s associates early on Monday. Another abductor was critically injured in the attack.

The events unfolded like a fast-paced action thriller, said the police. Arun Kumar, 27, a cab driver from Gangenahalli, north Bengaluru, and his four friends attended a party hosted by another friend, Varun. They consumed liquor and around 11.30 pm went to a bakery located on 3rd cross in Gangenahalli to buy cigarettes.

The gang discussed ways to make a quick buck and weighed kidnapping someone for ransom. Kumar suggested they target Ravi B, a caterer from Gangenahalli, and another man named Sandeep. He personally knew both of them. Everyone liked the idea, according to the police.

Kumar called up both Ravi and Sandeep and invited them over. The two men arrived, without suspecting anything. The gang pounced on them, bundled them into a car and drove off to Chikkajala on the northern outskirts of Bengaluru. They demanded a ransom of Rs one lakh from Ravi.

He agreed but asked them to take him to his house so that he can arrange for the money. Kumar, Varun and another friend Darshan, 28, went with him in a car. Three other members of the gang stayed back, holding Sandeep captive.

On the way home, Ravi managed to send SOS messages to some of his friends and that he would reach home shortly. His friends acted quickly and when Kumar’s gang reached Gangenahalli, 20 men waylaid them. They besieged the car from all sides and attacked Kumar’s gang with lethal weapons.

Kumar, Varun and Darshan bolted out of the car and ran helter-skelter. The group chased them and attacked Kumar and Darshan. They also damaged the car by stoning it.

Local residents rushed to the spot after hearing the commotion, saw Arun and Darshan lying in a pool of blood and rushed them to a hospital. Arun died of grievous injuries while Darshan is critical. Meanwhile, Sandeep managed to escape from the captivity of the three abductors who later escaped.

Family members of Arun and Ravi have lodged separate complaints at the RT Nagar police station. Police said they had formed a team to trace the four absconding abductors.